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  1. Ball Manufacture Caliber RRM7309-C Lift Angle

    Ball Forum
    Hey Ball Connoisseurs- Just wondering if anyone had heard anything regarding the lift angle of the Ball in-house movement. Has anyone has put the new In-house movement (7309-C) on a timegrapher and what lift angle was used? I have looked all around and have not found it. I have not...
  2. Timegrapher No 1000 Like new in foam box

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Works perfect no issues. 120+ shipping Paypal
  3. Homemade Watch Timing Microphone Stand / Timegrapher

    Hey everyone! I would like to share a project that I've been working on for a while. After a few different variations, I think that this is my final design for the time being. Project background: For many in this hobby, applications like Toolwatch are great because they allow you to determine...
  4. 1 Lepsi Scope Watch Timegrapher/Analyzer New in Box $260

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    I have one Lepsi Scope Timegrapher that runs with software for Android or iPhone devices and will tell you the Timing (seconds fast or slow), Amplitude and Beat Error for Mechanical/Automatic watches. Awesome tool to keep track of your own collection to evaluate the condition of potential...
  5. Bought a timegrapher. Some advice appreciated

    I got the weishi 1900 and have a few questions as the manual is in broken english. 1) What does the 2 graphs being plotted actually represent? I would of thought it would of been the seconds per day variation but that goes up and down while the graph is constant. 2) What period do people...
  6. Anyone using the "Lepsi Scope" Watch Timegrapher/Analyzer?

    Public Forum
    Anyone using the "Lepsi Scope" Watch Timegrapher/Analyzer? Arranged for free shipping at $369 but looking for real-world feedback. Anyone have experience with this awesome sounding device for measuring accuracy, amplitude, and beat error while interfacing with modern iPhone/Android smartphones...
  7. Looking at timegraphers on ebay Weishi and generic 1000 19000

    Hello, I am looking for a timegrapher on ebay to regulate my mechanical watches. Browsing ebay shows mainly 2 models a generic and Weishi model 1000 and 1900. Seemingly there is no different between the a generic and weishi branded model. Is that true? There is little information about the...
  8. SM AT MC too quiet for a piezo sensor? (Tickoprint App)

    Hi all, I have been trying to set up a piezo-electric sound pickup as an input to "Tickoprint" time-grapher app on my Galaxy S5. Got a bare piezo element with lead wires, tried to connect it through an old mobile headphone mike setup (it had a small 10mm x 10mm pcb with electret mic, removed...
  9. How does this time graph look? Lemania 5100 from 1975

    Thanks to TG software, I was able to time my omega 176.0012. I get a beat error of 0.2 on average, amplitude of 240-250°, both lines look very good, not single dots everywhere. I get same readings face up, down or on the sides. It is running at +30s/d right now so will open it up and regulate a...
  10. Using a TimeGrapher to judge servicing times - possible?

    Public Forum
    So it's my birthday this weekend and liking watches and being somewhat geeky I bought myself a Timegrapher (the 1900 model, hasn't arrived yet) plus a couple of cheap Automatic watches to pull apart and play with. One question I would like to ask is how well could a Timegrapher be used to judge...
  11. FS: LN Multifunction Timegrapher 1000

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    In a fit of impulse,whim and fancy, I bought this timegrapher to measure accuracy of the watches Iown. I have used it for exactly one day only. Later I consolidatedmy watch collection into 2 Rolex watches, so I am selling the rest of thewatches and other things that I don't need. Pictures of...
  12. Interpreting the sqiggly lines on the timing machine.

    Public Forum
    Our august panel of experts weigh in on a timing machine trace from the Tour Watch. Which one has the correct diagnosis? Is this really that challenging? You decide. :think: WUSF6 Watchmakers of the World Watch Tour - Page 26
  13. Amazing phone app timing machine

    I think this is a fantastic app. Superb tool for those who want to quickly 'rate' a watch in any position and haven't a timing machine......
  14. Timegrapher

    Public Forum
    Can anyone explain to me what's the function of a timegrapher? How does it work?