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timex expedition

  1. WTT: Timex Expedition Scout Black PVD

    WTT - Trade Corner
    I'm looking to trade my very lightly used Timex Expedition Scout with a black PVD body and reversible pass through nylon strap for an interesting digital watch of similar value. I believe I wore the watch one or twice and then went down a rabbit hole of dive watches. The watch body appears to...
  2. Field Watches for a Canadian Summer Outdoors

    News from the Watch Industry
    This traditional timepiece is made to be able to withstand combat; it's the watch you'll want on your wrist this summer if you're an outdoor explorer or adventurer. With summer right around the corner, who isn’t planning to spend all their downtime in the great outdoors. But time sure does fly...
  3. WTB: Navitimer homage for a beginner watch enthusiast

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy my first decent watch. Watches with slide rules really caught my eye, however, they are kind of rare these days or I'm just bad at finding them at a decent price :-). So I'm asking for your help. I'm looking for ones, which have rotating bezels: Seiko sna...
  4. Firefighter / EMT / Search and Rescue Watch Reviews

    1. Disclaimer: I have seen all manner of timepieces used in the field from $3 kids watches to Rolexes and Speedy Pros. Personal preference rules the day, and everyone has a different preference. The guide below is intended to help inform those that want a few data points on timepieces...
  5. FS Black Timex WS4

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    ****SOLD****** I have worn the watch a handful of times it has a few signs of wear no scratches on the face. Fresh battery today I would rate the watch a 8 out of a 10. There is one small scratch on the back of the watch on the panel from where I changed the battery. If you need additional...
  6. Timex Expedition

    Public Forum
    Hey everyone, long time since I lasted posted but I have been on here lurking about every single day. I'm normally busy so I browse the forums while I commute, but it doesent leave much time for me to post. However, I was recently landed in the hospital and well, free time is ALL I have now so I...
  7. Rattiling Bracelet: Timex Expedition Field Metal Chronograph

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hi Guys, As the title says I recently bought a Timex Expedition Field Metal Chronograph(Which is struly excellent for what it is) and when it arrived today, I put it on and noticed that the bracelet was rattling a great deal and the links appear to be loose, as there is quite a bit of side to...
  8. Timex Expedition Military Field - $40 NIB

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This is a catch & release. I got this after reading the great review of this watch on Worn & Wound, but decided that it's just not for me. The watch is new and unworn. Looking for $40 shipped (US Only) & PayPal. Thanks for looking! Nitty Gritty: Model: Timex Expedition Military Field...
  9. Lunchtime Score - Timex Expedition

    Affordable watches
    Stopped by Target today at lunch and found this Timex Expedition on clearance. I'm really digging the Explorer-like bezel combined with the Sinn-like dial. Lots of style for a mere $20.
  10. Timex Expedition T49822 Indiglo

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Anyone would like to buy Timex Expedition T49822 watch good condition six months old glass is without any scratch, here are some pics. I bought it for $66 approx i do not know how much to sell it for would accept any amount or even amazon giftcard, but i am located in india and would ship the...
  11. TIMEX Expedition Field Chrono Reviews?

    Affordable watches
    So i've looked everywhere on this forum and cannot find a decent review of this watch ANYWHERE. So that dissapointed me, because now i have to post a new thread, and it seems like all i do is post new threads. Anyways, is there anyone out there that has this watch? Link: Timex Men?s T49905...
  12. My first Citizen Eco Drive - Calibre 8700

    What do you think? I'm new to watch collecting and new to this forum. I also picked up a Tissot PR100 and 3 Timex watches (they were 3 for $49 in an outlet and I liked them).
  13. Looking for some help with Timex expedition T46881

    Affordable watches
    Hi guys I've been looking at getting a T46881 with a rotating bezel but there seems to be a few different models available. I've seen some listed as T46881SU, T46881PF and T468814 and been getting very confused. Can anyone help me sort out the different variants?
  14. Timex Expedition Analog Camper with Chronograph

    Affordable watches
    Let me preface this by saying that I just recently got into appreciating watches, so forgive my lack of knowledge. I found this Timex on ebay while searching for a cheap chronograph watch with a light face for summer wear. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this model and could...
  15. SOLD: Timex T49615 Expedition Diver Watch - $45

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello - I am selling my Timex Diver's watch in TZ excellent condition. The crystal is in great shape with no scratches. The case and caseback are in excellent condtion as well. The bracelet and clasp show some light wear, but nothing out of the ordinary. Keeps time well, screwdown crown...
  16. SOLD!! FS: Timex Expedition Tide Compass Temp T45601 SOLD!!!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Thanks for all your interest - this watch is now sold... Hello all - I am selling my nice Timex Expedition Tide/Compass/temp watch, model number T45601. The crystal is in perfect shape. The bezel rotates in both directions smoothly, with no clicks (which is normal). Bezel has no scratches or...
  17. Trying to identify Timex Expedition

    Public Forum
    Hi, All. I'm not a watch collector, but I am on a quest for a particular watch. My girlfriend is very attached to an mid '00s Timex Expedition. She says it's the only watch she's bought that hasn't irritated her skin. Unfortunately the band (leather on the front, green mesh on the back) which...
  18. Cheap Watch Accuracy?

    Affordable watches
    Some people buy 'em for looks, others to keep time. I want both. :-d Here's a photo of two Timex Expeditions compared to an el Cheapo Casio Waveceptor that is exactly accurate to the NIST "Atomic" clock. I check it every day, it's always exact because it goes out every night at 4:02 am and...