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  1. Watch tool lot with white powder. What is the powder?

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    I bought a lot of cheap watch tools. The lot came with a container of white powder. Can you help me identify what it is?
  2. Tegimented 856 UTC Bracelet Sizing - Problem/Questions

    Hi Forum, I'm trying to size the bracelet on my brand new Sinn 856 UTC, I'm using the screwdriver provided with the watch (flat head screwdriver). While trying to remove one of the screws, the screwdriver's tip bent pretty easily, at the same time the bracelet's screw top got a bit stripped...
  3. Is there a Special Tool for Removing ORIS Bracelet Link Pins?

    I have obtained 3 Oris watches recently, all with metal bracelets. I have always used a watch repair kit from Amazon but when I first tried to remove a link from my Artelier, which is chromed out so I want to be careful, my pin got stuck after I really tried to shove that sucker in there hard...
  4. Amateur botches bracelet removal, what now??

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    Here's a pathetic story for you. Feel free to make fun of me, but only if you can give constructive advice too! For years I had only one watch. The band was attached with spring bars. I learned how to remove and replace them. It was easy. Now I have a second watch. It comes with a bracelet...
  5. Tools - what are they?

    I recently bought a job lot of retired watchmaker tools. Impulse buy!. I have some that I have no idea what they are for though I can guess a few? Anyone willing to humour (humor sic) a novice and tell me? Cheers
  6. Tools needed for replacing glass?

    Hi all, I have a couple affordables (Casio, Rotary) with a cracked glass and I wanted to try to replace the glass myself. I am really not worried if they're still water resistant after replacing the glass, I just want to get them "wearable" again, and having them fixed professionally costs...
  7. Toolkit, book on watch repairs, two working Soviet mechanicals, and a cat!

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    I bought a bunch of stuff last year, and I decided that I'd rather wear watches then work on them. I probably paid $150 for all of it, I'm selling it for $50. My next stop will be Ebay if no one is interested. Thanks a lot guys! This is a cat, you can name him whatever you want. He likes...
  8. Sherline Watchmaking Purchase Decision - Looking for advice

    Good day all and a Happy New Year, I recently posted an update on my ongoing "wooden horology" project depicting the machining capabilities I have presently achieved. The highlight was in the production of a pocket watch scale balance staff out of boxwood in "one chucking" using an old, Light...
  9. I need ID of some watchnaking tools

    Hi everybody, I rarely come to this sub-forum. I usually hang out at f11. :) For some time now I would like to buy some more serious watchmaking tools. Last year I got some nice watchmaking screwdrivers, now I stumbled upon a local ad. I can see a staking set but I can't identify the...
  10. Tools for repair/servicing Soviet watches

    Russian watches
    Thanks to being a weirdo collector, I now have a bunch of old Soviet watches, some of which I picked up at markets in Poland and Ukraine, and some of which I got on eBay. Woohoo! But now I'd like to service them, and I've never serviced watches anymore. It looks like some bizarro Chinese...
  11. Bergeon 6767-S or 6767-F? Which one do I need? and do I need anything else to go with it?

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Hi, I've never changed a strap before and don't know which one of these tools I should get to do the job? I'd also like to be able to adjust bracelets on my watches - which tool would I need to be able to do that? Could I use one of these or do I require something different in addition...

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Hello, I have various tools from Horotec & Bergeon for sale. These are new or new old stock. Shipping prices are only for US States (including Hawaii). If you are international, PM me for an international shipping quote. Thank you. If you are interested in any other Horotec or Bergeon...
  13. Ebay watch tool kits

    Russian watches
    Hi everyone, I am not sure if the Russian watch forum is the best place to put this thread but to is the only one I go to at the moment. I have been looking at tools for de-assembling and re-assembling watches. I saw that there was a large list of tools that one might need so I thought instead...
  14. Help wanted about vintage tools

    Already posted this in public forum, got suggestion to try to get an answer in here, so: copy-paste "Hey, ya'll. I've been a long time reads - doesn't write member in the WUS community, but now I thought that I could ask for your help about something, sooo first post coming ahead. I got my...
  15. Help wanted about vintage tools

    Public Forum
    Hey, ya'll. I've been a long time reads - doesn't write member in the WUS community, but now I thought that I could ask for your help about something, sooo first post coming ahead. I got my hands on some old watchmakers tools, including staking tool set, glass press set by robus, somekind of...
  16. Christmas Inspiration - Actual making a part (Pics)

    A few of you may remember this thread: Pithy suggested I didn't have enough to do, and so I took on the modification of the stem that ZuZuDaDDy sent Mirius for Xmas 2013. I've been building an EDM for a while...
  17. Favorite tool for removing pins in bracelet links?

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    If I'm not mistaken, there are 3 types of tools. One I refuse to use; the other two I've quickly returned. Mallet + Vise - WUS likes these but I don't; I'm not Jeremy Clarkson, I don't think a hammer fixes everything Pin-Press - worked perfectly on two of my watches, busted every pin in the...
  18. Am I destined to be poor?

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Hey guys, been looking through this forum for a while now but finally registered and felt it's the right time start my own thread! SO I have a couple of questions: Been trawling for some decent tools (screwdrivers, tweezers etc) and everything seems to be so more expensive here in the UK...
  19. Watch DIY tools for sale

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Various new tools for sale- - case opener , 4 sets of inserts, stainless steel - $25 sgd - springbar various sizes in a box , stainless steel -$15sgd - dial HR/Min/sec hands extractor & inserter set -$20 sgd - eye loupe 10x magnification, polycarbonate lens - $12 sgd - strap replacement tool...

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    *SOLD* FOR SALE: WATCH MODDERS CUSTOM STARTER KIT – Like New FOR SALE: WATCH MODDERS CUSTOM STARTER KIT – Like New For sale is a set of tools for a starting watch modder, I acquired all of these tools in the course of beginning my watch modding hobby. I acquired the tools one by one from...