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  1. Explorer on Expedition - Post Adventures w Your Watch!

    Rolex & Tudor
    Well, a mini expedition when compared to Sir Hillary's Everest climb. Wife and I visited Glacier National Park this past wk. We hiked 30 miles in 3 days. The season is changing there and the inclement weather made our hikes seem so much more dramatic. We were "in the wild" with marmots, goats...
  2. WIS Tour Report: Honolulu

    Public Forum
    Last month I spent 10 days in Honolulu, in a haze of entertaining small children, visiting too many relatives, and choking down maximum sweet bread, papayas, and malasadas. Somehow I managed to find a little time to look at watches, both on the street and in the shop. Here's a hot take. Despite...
  3. Watch Travel Destinations

    Public Forum
    Hey there, Here in Phoenix, AZ there are only a handful of places to go if you want to browse a decent selection of used and vintage watches. Has anywhere visited a shop, either in the US or around the world, that just blew them away with quantity, selection, price, quality, etc.? Where might...
  4. Watch collector - first trip to Geneva - what should we do there?!

    Relatively new to watch collecting, with an interest in vintage Le Coultre's and Hamilton's. My wife and I will be traveling to Geneva, Switzerland in late September / early October this year. We're looking for fun watch-oriented activities to do while we're there. interested in watchmaking...
  5. What cities are on your world timer? Most unusual cities?

    Public Forum
    Given that most world timers feature 24 cities representing the 24 primary time zones of the globe, there are numerous options for representing a given time zone. Country of origin/market country and era of manufacture certainly factor into the choices for representative cities. What cities...
  6. SEIKO SUN069P1 GMT WORLD TIME: 6 months on a wrist.

    When I was looking for some information on this time piece there wasn’t much. So I think my “6 months on the wrist” review can be of some use for someone thinking about purchasing this watch. First, I’ll do some specs overview then will share my thoughts and experience. Movement: Kinetic...
  7. New Wolf Designs 8 Watch Travel Case Black Leather $150 Retail - asking $35

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders is closing and I'm selling some of our remaining inventory at a huge price reduction on ebay to get rid of it. This case retails at $150 and I'm asking $35 + 15$ shipping. paypal is preferred payment method. Selling to United States. New and unused case but I...
  8. 65% OFF NEW UNUSED- Ragar Genuine Black Leather 6 Watch Locking Travel Case

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders is closing and I'm selling some of our remaining inventory for a huge price reduction. New completely unused case. Dimensions:11 inch x 8 inch x 3.5 inch (Length x Depth x Height) New and completely unused. asking $50 + $15 shipping or best offer. prefer selling to united...
  9. Venlo Biella Italian Leather Grande Travel Double Watch Case Holder

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders is closing and I am getting rid of some of our inventory on ebay. Lightly used case. See photos. The retail price on this item is $500 for a new one. asking $149. You can buy on ebay or with paypal. Heres a link to the ebay posting for more pictures as well: 70% off MSRP...
  10. Looking for a watch to commemorate a trip

    Public Forum
    This summer I will be traveling from the US to the Amsterdam, Paris, and London. I want to purchase a watch while I am in one of the countries to remind me of the trip. My budget is around $1000 USD (less is always ok) and I already have a Christopher Ward. I still have some time but I want to...
  11. Non-GMT "Jumping Hour" Watches?

    Public Forum
    Hello all, TL;DR = How many non-GMT watches have "jumping" hour hands? Longer = As always, I am considering my next watch acquisition, and I discovered that the current Omega Aqua Terra models (with the 8500 calibre movement) have a rather surprising feature: an independent, "jumping hour"...
  12. Would you wear an expensive (for you) watch while traveling? Region-specific poll included!

    Public Forum
    Question is very simple (and relevant to me since I'm going on my first trip outside the U.S. in 15 years this fall): would you wear an expensive watch while traveling? Some terms need to be defined: "Expensive" = "I would be very upset if it were stolen". I wouldn't be "very upset" if my...
  13. Watches and Traveling/Disney

    Public Forum
    So I'm going to be traveling to Disney World with the family later this year. I was wondering if anybody had any advice/tips on watch wear at the park. You can see my collection in my signature. Since my little one is only 2 we probably won't be going on many Big rides (although I may try to...
  14. What's your travel watch, and why

    High-end watches
    Here's mine, the JLC Memovox tribute to Deep Sea Alarm. I find the lume, water resistance and alarm useful when I travel. Here it is in Japan; Miami, FL; and at the pool in Myanmar:
  15. Tutorial: DIY Canvas and Suede Travel Watch Roll (lots of pics)

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Hey guys! I started this DIY project after seeing a lot of incredible but expensive watch rolls on the market. I decided to make one, using cheap but very durable material found at fabric and hardware stores. It cost about $25 to make but, you'll have enough to make four or five of them. All...
  16. Let's See Your Travel Cases

    Public Forum
    I know this is not as exciting as seeing the watches themselves, but I'm in search of a new travel case, so thought this would be different. For those of us that like to travel with more than one watch, what kind of travel case are you using? Let's see those pics! (preferably with watch(es)...
  17. Casio Edifice EQW-A1110DB - 24h Hand

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hello one and all. I travel regularly and have recently been looking into finding the perfect watch for when I am travelling. I have decided there are a few features that would be useful: Having a 24h face set to show my 'Home' time whilst the main hands are on the 'Local' time. An alarm...
  18. Two different travel cases

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Both leather, one has a roll and is round, the other has three compartments and is more square. which one do you like best?
  19. IWC Pelican Vault

    My collection recently doubled with this great 3536, so I thought it fitting to make myself a nice Pelican case for these two. This is a Pelican 1120 filled with my pride & joy.... Very happy with the results, I definitely will be keeping this in a safe place!
  20. Dive into the Duomètre Unique Travel Time ...

    ... and discover more about Jaeger-LeCoultre's technical prowess in the field of dual-time zone watches. In a new interpretation of Jaeger-LeCoultre's revolutionary Dual-Wing movement, the Duomètre Unique Travel Time watch reflects the Manufacture's technical prowess in the field of dual-time...