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  1. FS: handmade leather watch roll

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Hello, for sale is high quality genuine leather watch roll. Its all handmade and sewn, able to fit up to 5 watches with max size of case 45mm. Its black with black stitch size 31x16cm. You can put also straps and other accessories. Perfect for transporting safety your watches for travel or...
  2. Seeking a trendy Friday watch - please provide suggestions

    Affordable watches
    Hi all, I am looking for a trendy/fashion Friday watch - something I can go clubbing/partying with. Ideally, I want: - $100 - $500 - ideally new - Quartz(Battery) / Kinetic(Seiko) movement. I don't really want a mechanical watch because they require commitment to upkeep and maintain. -...
  3. SAS watch #22 - I got it

    Public Forum
    Dear Friends, Today I recieved the #22/100 First Edition SAS watch, “The SAS watch is unique and have a lot of personality” “The SAS watch is proud by himself” “The SAS watch have a lot of self esteem” More comments: It is 45 mm but not big, I like it even my wrist is small 6.5 inches...
  4. BIG Watch Company for the most unique/exclusive brands unavailable on the highstreet!

    Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    Hello fellow watch lovers! Who is a fan of the most exclusive watches from Angular Momentum, Archimede, Ezteem, GANT, Haffstreuner, IceTek, Invicta, Laco, Marco Polo, Naked Watch, Rebosus, Ritmo Mundo and Quadtec to name but a few? BIG Watch Company (launched early 2008) specialise in the...