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  1. [TUTORIAL] - My First Aging Mod - Tiger Concept 1016 Explorer

    Hi all, Been a lurker here for a while, thought its time to introduce myself and contribute to this fantastic community. I am from Texas, a strategy consultant by day and a horology noob by night. Like most here, I love reading about the nascent time pieces and get inspired to mod/build one of...
  2. How it works... The mechanisms of a watch.

    Public Forum
    Stumbled upon this video of how a watch works and slightly about how a Hamilton was made back in the day. My girlfriend and her 6-year-old enjoyed watching it. He likes to know how things work and this video did a good job of showing him that. Some of you may have already watched it and if you...
  3. Photoshop Retouching 101: Give Your Watch Photos Some Polish

    Public Forum
    I had previously written a quick post about basic photography tips for your watches (see here). Thought I would place a supplement that provides some post-processing tips with Photoshop. Some caveats… This is not in depth and presumes at least a passing knowledge of Photoshop, or a willingness...
  4. Design a G Shock GA100/110 Casing Using 3D printing

    Casio G-Shock
    Hey! In this thread I will share my process of designing and printing g shock ga 100 casings/bezels. I have been having so much fun, and there is so much potential for members to design their own parts. I begin the process by measuring all critical dimensions of the physical part...
  5. Super Basic Lighting How-To for Shooting Your Watch

    Public Forum
    I posted this information elsewhere in response to questions I received about these photos of the Erroyl Heritage Rose (seen here with a different strap choice that I tried on a whim... and love)... The question was about how I shot these, and the answer is simply with an iPhone and some...
  6. Tutorial: How to put watches on a double winder.

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    I recently saw on some website, that I can't seem to remember, a nice way to arrange your watches. The explanation wasn't as explicit though as what you will get in this post. First, a picture: What you see is a double winder pod. These are fairly common because they allow two watches to be...
  7. ***Upgrade Tutorial*** Boschett Cave Dweller I to Cave Dweller II Clasp Retrofit (w/pics!)

    Dive watches
    When the Cave Dweller II came out, the biggest improvements among the many Boschett made IMHO were the bezel engraving and the new clasp with divers extension. While my CDI has a perfectly adequate standard flip-lock clasp, it’s kind of normal, and expected in a diver in this price range. Not...
  8. G-Shock battery change tutorial movie

    Casio G-Shock
    I tried to make my first tutorial movie. Well, my English is not the best I guess, but at least I tried;-) Cheers, Sjors P.S. There is no movie camera icon!