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    Really feel like rose gold is shunned and unloved. Which of these do you prefer? Why? Let me know in comments? For me, the first three! A. B. C. D. E.
  2. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi everyone Could you help me identify this watch? I have looked high and low But cannot find a universal geneve to match the style? Let me know with references if you can!! Thanks
  3. Watchmaking
    Hi! So i have been servicing a Universal Geneve Polerouter with a cal 69 movement recently. I have encountered an array of issues woth this watch which I have mostly been able to solve. However, there is this one issue where winding is no problem. But when I try to set the time, somehow the...
  4. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Afternoon everyone, I’m new to this forum and was just looking for some advice more than anything about this Universal Geneve to see what people think. I presume it is a badly refinished dial but would be great if someone could clarify / confirm. Thanks
  5. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi everyone, This is an ultra rare Universal geneve manual wind watch with enamel dial. The dial has breguet arabic numerals. The watch is in great condition. The movement has been cleaned, oiled, and SERVICED with a master watchmaker, it's keeping excellent time. It's a classic dress watch...
  6. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Up for sale is a 70's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 5500. The watch was bought last month from a local watch and diamond store in Atlanta, GA and comes with 1yr store warranty. Asking $1595 including PayPal fees and worldwide shipping. The watch comes with the Rolex service box and cleaning...
  7. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi guys, I have taken a leap of faith and bought this watch and was told that the watch is all original except for obviously the strap and the stainless steel pin-buckle. I paid about the equivalent of $3,400 US from a dealer. To all the UG experts out there willing to help, does it look all...
  8. Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    For your consideration a rare, out of the ordinary vintage diver. A 1960's Universal Geneve Polerouter Sub Automatic. Dial: Original red cross hair dial. Some spotting in the center of the dial but overall in good condition. Text is nice and clear. (a few pieces of lint under the crystal)...
  9. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello, Considering purchasing this particular watch but am unsure of its authenticity, can anyone clarify the hands as originals ? I cant seem to find similar models anywhere? thanks! SJ.
  10. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Apologies if this isn't the appropriate forum. I've just got my hands on this lovely, albeit aged, larger Tri-compax. It needs to be looked at as it does not run, however all the functions move and work correctly when done manually. Absolutely in love with it and would just like to get her...
  11. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Case: The 30 MM case is in untouched condition with very few minor scratches. Crystal: The crystal is very clean and is original to the case. Dial: The dial has some minor patina too it but helps to really show the age of this piece. Movement: Recently serviced! The hand wound calibre 1-42...
  12. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    On sale here is a freshly serviced 1941 original GP two-register GP chronograph featuring Cal 281, which is also used in the Compur and Compax series by Universal Geneve. It comes with a red GP leather box as pictured. Having just been serviced, the 17-jewel Cal 281 movement is in excellent...
  13. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi all, Need some help here. Does anyone have any info about this watch. It looks like a Polerouter, but dos not have the polerouter printed on the dial. Didnt found any info in the internet. Best regards, Mario
  14. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello, I was talking with my father today about watches and he told me has a couple of old watches if I could tell me him my opinion in them. The first watch was a pocket gold (or Gold plated) manual winding Movado watch and the second one is wrist gold Universal watch manual winding. Anyone...
  15. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi Everyone. Can someone help me with any info about this watch? Reference, year, etc? I just bought it but dont have any information, besides the cal 1105 (11.5) Thanks!
  16. Public Forum
    I have a Universal Geneve watch with the only numbers on the back are "27049" which I was told is a case reference number. The only other thing on the back is 10K gold filled. I would like to identify the watch and possibly get a value...may be even an offer.
  17. eBay Auctions
    Vintage G Shock G 5600 1JF Made in Japan Discontinued | eBay Vintage Universal Geneve Unisonic Watch | eBay RARE Vintage CYMA Watch Tavannes Navystar Autorotor | eBay
  18. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi I reduced the price of my Universal Geneve (about 5.75mm thick!!!) and Longines (slightly thinner than the Universal, even with second hand and date!) watch. Both look great and are running. The Longines is currently being fixed (needed a sliding clasp). The Longines has a modified eta...
  19. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello everyone, I came across this Universal Genève watch and would love to know more about it. I looked up the serial number it seems to have been made in 1941. The back of the watch is gold and still very beautiful. Any help would be greatly appreciated and what it could be worth. Also I...
  20. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I have an old Universal Geneve Aero-Compax (link to pic on another thread below) that has a cal. 130 inside. The movement is actually based on a Valjoux 72.6 manual wind. After reading the Zenith thread about Zenith, Universal, and Martel watch companies I'm curious what was going on when...
1-20 of 25 Results