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  1. Public Forum
    Ok, so this is my first post. Point me out any english errors, questions. I have this old Swiss Army my mother gave me a while ago, she sas she bought it in England or Switzerland like 30 years ago, she has some really cool older watches she inherited from my grandma. After seeing them I kinda...
  2. Dive watches
    What is it? Bulova 666 with Day Date window. Automatic movement. The day dial also has Spanish abbreviations. P0 Date code
  3. TAG Heuer
    Hello, My Coworker has a Tag watch that he is selling. I have no clue what the model is and need help identifying it. Any and all help would be highly appreciated. Here is the link to the photo as i dont know how to upload on this site, my apologies...
  4. Vintage & Pocket watches
    . Hello time piece aficionados. I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me something about a couple of old family watches- there are two, but I can only put up limited images at a time, so here's the one I've been puzzling over the most. The watch is small and round, and gold in color with the...
  5. Tissot
    Hi All, I bought my Tissot in 1996/97 from a guy who needed cash to buy a car. I only paid him about 50 euro for it but I have to say it is a beauty. I haven't seen another like it so I am hoping someone can give me some information about it as it hasn't the model name wrote on it but it has a...
  6. Orient
    Hi. Is any of you guys able to identify my watch, which I have absolutely no information about? If so, it would be much appreciated. ;-)
  7. Omega
    (Thread moved from Images subforum) Hey there! I've got this Omega watch, model and age unknown. I found it in a box of various junk at my grandparent's house when they'd passed away, around 20 years ago. It had a piece of nylon string instead of a wrist band. The glass was so scratched that one...
1-7 of 7 Results