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  1. Seiko 5 Model Number?

    I saw this Seiko 5 on sale on a local classifieds. The watch got sold instantly and the seller no longer has it as the seller sold the Seiko for $20 Brand New In Box from an official retail store too. Unfortunately for me I wasn't able to nab it, but I wanted to find out the model, as I never...
  2. need help in identifying this pocket watch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello, I recently saw a nice and interesting old pocket watch on the internet, being sold by an old man. The pictures he sent me are not clear, i tried to look for the model on the internet, but didn't managed to find any that looks the same. *The hands are missing. It is sold as "not...
  3. The Affordables: 7 Summer Watches That Punch Above Their Weight

    News from the Watch Industry
    Yes, summer is upon us. You can tell it’s summer in Britain because it’s dull, overcast, wet, often windy and cold, and occasionally, just very occasionally, sunny for an afternoon. But don’t let that put you off buying an affordable watch with which to jet away to some real sunshine. These...
  4. Help me Identify this Watch - 14K Gold Rolex

    Public Forum
    Hi Guys, New to this site - thought you all might be able to help me find out what kind of Rolex i have come across? I don't know anything about it - no case markings (exempt 14K gold on the caseback) Photos are below - im not sure what other details i can give you to assist!! Sorry.
  5. Help identifying a watch

    Public Forum
    So this watch in a video I saw caught my eye, but I couldn't really identify what brand or model it was. If anyone could take a look and let me know, that would be great. Link to the video: (the watch is shown in the first ten seconds) Thanks again!
  6. Help Identifying Hamilton

    Hello, I am looking at possibly buying this for $175 shipped. Any info on this model, or if that is a reasonable price? Thanks.
  7. Emoprio Del Tempo hand watch info

    Public Forum
    hello everyone, has anyone heard about this brand Emoprio Del Tempo ? i tried looking for it on the internet with no luck. i've attached some images of the hand watch. if you know anything about it (quality, price...) please share.
  8. What kind of watch is this?

    Public Forum
    I found this watch going through some of my dad's old stuff. I'm not sure exactly what it is but i thought it was pretty cool looking and wanted to know if anyone could tell me anything about it. I know its probably nothing special, possibly worthless but still want to know what it is. It...
  9. Can ANYONE help me to identify this watch and its worth?

    This watch was left to me by my grandfather. I am not experienced in watches at all, in fact - this is the very first I have ever recieved! He told me it was around 60-80 years old. That is all i know about it. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify it? On the back of it it has the...
  10. Old Seiko Watch what model? Where can I fix it?

    Hi there, I have my grandfathers watch and I could not identify the model of the watch. It is currently broken, and I was wondering if it was worth to repair it. It look pretty beat up, and it doesn't require a battery to operate. Thanks
  11. Goldlion watch? Help me identfiy

    Public Forum
    Hi all. I'm something of a watch fanatic, and have often visited this site for information. I have been intending to purchase a watch.. but I just inherited one from my Grandfather. It is a 'goldlion' watch, and it shows no markings to identify its origins. I am unable to find any information on...

    Public Forum
    HELLO i bought these two at an estate sale for 100$ is there anyone who can give me some advice did i get shaken down or is it a win>
  13. Need help identifying a LIP watch, apologies in advance

    Public Forum
    I found this watch with the things my grandfather left to me. I know absolutely nothing about watches. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum or inappropriate somehow, and I'll gladly remove my post if so. Here is what's printed on the front: LIP Himalaya Automatic Calendrier The back: lunette...
  14. Anyone Ever Hear of CAPITAL, a Swiss Maker (pics inside)

    Public Forum
    I just acquired this from the thrift shop. Says Capital, SHOCK ABSORBER, and then Swiss in small letters below 6. Thanks in advance for any help. Perry
  15. Can anybody help me learn more about my Longines?

    I have a Longines watch, that i know nothing about but this : Manual wind watch, with a Kreisler Shell Cordovan Leather strap. My Great Grandma passed recently, and this was one of the items given to me. i have identified the 2 other watches from Bulova, and the rest were timex's. this one...
  16. DECA... Ever heard of this watch?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Deca watches. I have searched all over watchboards and google and can't find any information on this brand. I have a pretty beat up example that belonged to my grandfather. Pics below... Thanks.
  17. Do you have any idea what Citizen model is this?

    Can someone help me to identify this model? I find it pretty interesting, having some influence from Panerai in my mind. Thank you in advance
  18. id help with two older wrist watches, please

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    hello, everyone, i have recently seen these two watches on fleabay and would like to know if anybody is familiar with them or has some info regarding the respective manufacturer or the period during with they were possibly produced. first one -- link to the auction, albeit without usable info...
  19. Help identifying 1958 bulova watch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I know it's a 1958 bulova watch but we cannot find out any other info about it. It was owned by a jeweler so it might have been customized and that could be our problem. It says on it that it is a 23 jewel bulova and it has all diamonds where every number should go and it's 14k gold. For some...
  20. need help with watch id- vintage hover swiss made (?)

    Public Forum
    so i acquired this watch a few weeks ago, it runs intermittently, it needs a service, maybe a repair. i need to know what kind it is, if it really is swiss made (i think it is. the movement is really nicely finished, unlike any of my other watches, which are all chinese, and one russian), if...