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  1. Russian watches
    I recently picked up with 17j Poljot dress watch. At first glance I thought it was a franken but with a closer look the crystal was obviously made for this case. And, while the dial is square-ish, the hour indices on the dial follow the circle of the crystal. The theme of "round peg in a square...
  2. Public Forum
    Hi, i like watches and and have a few in my collection but I stumbled upon this one one and was intrigued by its looks and complexity. To my surprise it was an Accurist, but I cannot find any information out about it. I like the fact that it is so rare that my google research came up blank...
  3. Public Forum
    I have spend a long time searching for watches with an unusual Second Hand or general hands. This seems to be going forward one of the key requirements for me. The nicest I found so far is the Vostok Anchar. It should be unusual but not in the strange way of the Raketa Moon and Sun. So, what's...
  4. Public Forum
    Can anyone identify the maker of this single button chronograph? I think it's 1940s and the seller wouldn't remove the caseback as they didn't want to damage the case.
  5. Public Forum
    Obviously we all have our watch preferences, grails, favourites and dislikes and all that... And, well, there are a *lot* of threads here where we post our 'best' pictures. Nothing wrong with that. But, how about some diversions? How about a thread where we just accumulate the wackiest watch...
  6. Chinese Mechanical watches
    A link to some interesting ideas for clocks and watches. "Today we look at various clocks, watches and means to tell the time, a fleeting continuum that is otherwise invisible and even irrelevant, especially when considered as a disappearing line between absolute concepts of "past" and...
1-6 of 6 Results