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    hi everyone i've been lingering around this forum for a number of years. i bought my dad a christopher ward watch about 5 years ago based on the great advice i read on here! anyway, it's my birthday soon and i've been thinking about treating myself to a nice dress watch (by that, i mean i don't...
  2. Rolex & Tudor
    Sorry to bring up this topic again, but I've been reviewing some of the previous discussions in response to various questions in the forum, and was hoping to get some input for myself. I'm considering buying a used Rolex this year. Specifically, a Rolex produced in 2004 (my daughter's birth...
  3. Omega
    Is it just me or pricing on popular models is going through the roof right now? I have been tracking some models I am interested in, AT 39, PO LM, PO 2500, 1863 Sapphire and have noticed that the prices are creeping up by the day. Not only that they are actually moving very fast. I have tried...
  4. Rolex & Tudor Fake Busters
  5. Oris
    I'd like to add an Oris to my collection but don't know which model. I'm open to something used, 42mm or less, diver, tool, or dress under $1200. Any thoughts or recommendations? It's an xmas gift to! thanks.
  6. Public Forum
    Hi guys, on a local used stuff site i found this guy for 160 euros, the watch is not available anymore, and I'm just thinking what do you guys think, is it worth it? It has a 4R36-06C0 movement, hardlex (obviously), display caseback and 100 meters of wr.
  7. Jörg Schauer & STOWA
    Hello, I'm looking to buy a used Stowa Marine Original (41mm diameter; 50.2mm lug-to-lug). Considering the unusually large lug-to-lug measurement of 50.2mm, I'm concerned about the watch being too large for my wrist. Consequently, I want to be able to re-sell the watch easily and get my money...
  8. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    looking to buy the above! in fair condition at least, and head-only is fine too
  9. Public Forum
    Hey all. Selling off some watches and saving up for my next purchase. I'm thinking of basically starting from zero--except plan to keep my bambino and vintage bucherer. If you guys had about $2K (+/- $200?) what one watch would you get? Try and price around used market--so I can get a little...
  10. Public Forum
    Hey there, Here in Phoenix, AZ there are only a handful of places to go if you want to browse a decent selection of used and vintage watches. Has anywhere visited a shop, either in the US or around the world, that just blew them away with quantity, selection, price, quality, etc.? Where might...
  11. Public Forum
    What resource does everyone use for tracking buying and selling trends of watches (new and used)? thanks!
  12. Grand Seiko
    Hey Y'all, been looking at some used Grand Seiko pieces on eBay and I was wondering if there are any budget Grand Seiko you would recommend?