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  1. Tissot
    I bought an original T-Touch today (second-hand, but originally purchased from an AD and still under warranty). Unfortunately it came without a copy of the User Manual. 1) Is there a source of the User Manual for the original T-Touch (PDF would be fine)? The only manuals I can find on the...
  2. Omega
    Hi, I have recently come into possession of an Omega Albatross watch. I am unable to source however a user manual for it, might anyone be able to offer any advice or help? Yours in hope Matt
  3. Omega
    So I purchased my first Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean on Friday and during the sale process the salesperson was getting my box for the watch. When he opened it the warranty card, chronometer certificate and pictogram cards were missing. He acted surprised but said they could order new ones. Plus...
  4. Casio G-Shock
    Hello, I am debating buying another G Shock, but the last one I bought I returned because I found the setting of it and the readability of the dial and sub-dials to be difficult-poor. I am used to some complicated watches, but this one just was not user friendly for me, so I sent it back and...
1-4 of 4 Results