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  1. Public Forum
    This December I'll be going to Mexico for vacation. I plan on taking my Tag Aquaracer GMT. I'm going to try and sell it over there because I think I could get a bit more for it there. Before hitting the beach, I'll be spending time with friends in Central Mexico. So I'll sell it there. After...
  2. Casio G-Shock
    Hello everyone, Lets show our "G" that we take for ours vacations, Mine is The Gulfman (GW-9100)
  3. Public Forum
    Hello WUS, I am going to Hong Kong next week and, of course, would like to see if I can get a watch over there for a decent price. If any of you have been there, or are from, or live in HK, please share some reputable watch shops (ADs) that I should check out. I am also looking into pre-owned...
  4. Public Forum
    Hello There, please give your suggestion. I'm enjoying my Speedy Pro for a few days already and started thinking about my second watch :) The watch which I can take on summer vacation, or when going out (or outdoor), or when just do not want to show somebody that I'm nuts enough to put a price...
  5. Affordable watches
    what watch would you bring with you on a beach or adventurous vacation that is just really fun/colorful/whatever? i usually think Vostok but i am sure there are others!
  6. Public Forum
    I know this is not as exciting as seeing the watches themselves, but I'm in search of a new travel case, so thought this would be different. For those of us that like to travel with more than one watch, what kind of travel case are you using? Let's see those pics! (preferably with watch(es)...
  7. Affordable watches
    Hello All, I'm going on a Caribbean cruise at the end of March and I need your help to choose which watch comes with me! I already plan on bringing my Orient Symphony (white dial) for dressing up, but for the other 95% of the cruise I need a diver. Question is, which one? The Mako or the...
1-7 of 10 Results