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  1. Tissot
    Hi, I need know more about this watch - Picasa Web Albums - The StiG - Transparent T... . A model at least would be a good start. Also supposition about its value would be good. From what price range it is? Thanks in advance!
  2. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi... I am new to this site and am grateful to find this! I have been searching online trying to figure out what I have here... What I know.... This is a 14k white gold wristwatch rectangular with oval 28 diamond dial made by Jules jurgensen... It has the trademark crown above the name...
  3. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi i'm looking for help in trying to date my pocket watch which was given to my father by his father many years ago. unfortunately i'm unable to get a picture of it online but i will give as much detail as i can. THE WATCH The makers name on the front says "WEST END WATCH CO." also underneath...
1-3 of 5 Results