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  1. FS: Swatch Vancouver 2010 Olympic Volunteer’s Watch

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    FS: NOS Swatch Vancouver 2010 Olympic Watch. Given out to volunteers during the Olympics. Original battery has died but I have included a new battery for the new owner to install. I have 2 available. Asking $50 usd via PP. Shipping and fees included in price. Ships from Burnaby, BC, Canada...
  2. Any interest in a GTG in Vancouver BC Canada?

    Affordable watches
    How many of you out there are in the Greater Vancouver area, and would be interested in a GTG? It would be great to see a group of WIS, and maybe some representatives from Halios and Momentum as well. Let’s start some buzz!
  3. Vancouver, Canada - Preferred AD's? Things to do?

    Public Forum
    I am planning a trip to Vancouver with my girlfriend a month from now. We will be staying downtown in an AirBNB. It's our first time visiting Vancouver, and first time trying AirBNB! To keep the watch monkey off my back, I would like to visit some AD's in the downtown area. I've warned my gf...
  4. FT: Steinhart Ocean 44 for Ocean 1/Vintage Miltary (Vancouver Area Only)

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I have a brand new Steinhart Ocean 44 which I realized is a bit too big for me, so I wonder if there is anyone in the Vancouver, Canada area selling their mint/new condition Ocean 1 Black or Ocean Vintage Military. If new in condition willing to trade for free. PM for other negotiations...
  5. WTB: Nomos Tangomat or Tamgomat Datum

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi everybody, I am looking for either a nomos tangomat or tangomat datum. I prefer mint or near-mint condition and it must have the box with papers. If you have either of these and are looking to sell, please PM me or contact me by email at [email protected] I am only looking to do...
  6. Steinhart in Vancouver? or Seattle?

    Anybody know where I can find Steinhart watches in Vancouver, Canada? I'm really stuck between the Ocean 1 and 44 and i'm afraid of its small size like my Seiko SKX007. I do go to Seattle sometimes, are their stores there? I know Steinhart doesn't have stores in North America but i'm hoping some...
  7. reliable pocket watch for teacher

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    i live in the VANCOUVER area in british columbia and i'm looking for an affordable and reliable pocket watch for my teacher, any suggestions? Budget limit is $150.
  8. Case/Crystal polishing in Vancouver, BC

    Public Forum
    Hello, I tried searches but cannot come up with anything, so sorry if this is somewhere in the archives. I have two dress watches I wish to have the case polished. One is solid gold and the other stainless steel. The gold one could also use it's acrylic crystal polished to get rid of some...
  9. My first Omega - PO 8500 45.5

    Hello and good evening! After months of waiting, I finally got the call from a local AD in Vancouver and picked up my Planet Ocean Big Size - Ref I couldn't really decide between the 42 and 45.5, so my initial plan was to get whichever shows up first at an AD...
  10. Good Deal or Not (PO XL 2200.50 in Vancouver) ?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I'm looking to buy my first omega, a first real watch. Questions: An AD in Vancouver quoted $4300 CAD (including tax) for PO 2200.50. This is after discount, includes tax, and can be paid with a credit card - fyi, the current tax rate in Vancouver is 12%, and...
  11. Really shouldn't have done this...

    Saw this at the local dealer and just had to get it... The white dial with the red bezel... The Vancouver LE. I just couldn't resist this one
  12. Local retailers for Maratac straps in Vancouver BC?

    Straps & Bracelets
    Just wondered if anyone knew of any off the top of their head for getting some Maratac zulu or the mil-nato straps in Vancouver. I did some searching and the only one I could find seems to deal online only (Chronoworld). I don't mind buying online, but I kinda wanted something today.. b-) I'll...
  13. First time Omega Vancouver, Canada buyer with a question...

    Hi all, I'm about to purchase my first Seamaster 300m watch and was wondering if the serial or model number of the watch is engraved anywhere on the outside of the watch? If you have a picture showing it that would really help. I'll be purchasing the watch from one of the Vancouver ADs and I'm...