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  1. !900's Vintage Restored and serviced 10k Gold filled Gruen Pocketwatch

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  2. Gruen Very-VeriThin

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Here is my Gruen pocketwatch, it is a Very-VeriThin model. There is not much information to find about these, the best is probably here: The serial number of this is 500502, I believe it could be from between 1920 and early 1930'ies when Gruen changed the...
  3. Gruen VeriThin Pocket Watch...

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi - After quite a while of not acquiring much of real interest, I've acquired two pocket watches. One is a duo-tone Illinois that I won't mention until I have because the seller's pictures were pretty bad. The other? Well, you know that already: a Gruen VeriThin. Seller's pics: Now, I...