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  1. Russian watches
    Hi I like the look of this watch but I cannot determine its authenticity? It is being marketed as a Cal 2809 Chronometer (Zenith Cal 135) 1955. Any thoughts on value would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mark
  2. Russian watches
    I am new to Russian/Soviet watches. I mainly collect their political posters but added a few watches to diversify. I've read a lot on here about the Volna 22j and there is a lot of great information on here! I am aware the dial is new. The movement looks very clean. Is the case right though...
  3. Public Forum
    Does anyone know if either of these watches went into production and if so where i might find one
  4. Public Forum
    I realize there are plenty of frankenstein volna's out there and I wanted to see what peoples opinions were about this one... I want to buy it to celebrate the birth of my new son and eventually give it to him but want to make sure that its original.
  5. Russian watches
    There appeared briefly on 'bay today this pristine Volna. Someone quickly bought it using "buy now" for $69.69. The crown and case back do not look original. Everything else does to my inexperienced eye but it just seems to shiny and new to be authentic, so I didn't buy it. Is it really worth...
  6. News from the Watch Industry
    Dear all, We received the below message from Joel at
  7. News from the Watch Industry
    VOLNATOMIC Liquid Tourbillon Volna is developing the Volnatomic Liquid Tourbillon under the guidance of Yvan Arpa. Housing a liquid element inside a noble movement that is a worthy representative of time-honoured expertise: such is the watchmaking challenge taken up by the Concepto Watch...
  8. 2010
    Volnatomic by Volna Explosive: Sebastien Botinelli and Yvan ARPA prepare Volnatomic for Baselworld 2010 Sebastien Botinelli, a 35 years-old entrepreneur (Senso ristorante & Bar, BSM Casaling, Alhia Real estate promoter " Terasses of Leman"...) member of a famous family from the Swiss...
  9. News from the Watch Industry
    VOLNA: Titanium Grade 5 expertise Expert in the mastery of titanium G5 - a metal that is particularly difficult to machine - Volna has triumphed with the very complex construction of the Typhoon Siberia in this high-tech material which gives it both strength and lightness. The case, bezel, crown...
  10. 2009
    Volna Typhoon Siberia SHCI (press release and technical information attached) Related link: .
1-10 of 10 Results