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  1. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy a spare 43 or 81 style Komandirskie Classic case, preferably silver but also open to gold ones as well, as long as it is in useable condition. I have another watch from which I want to transfer the dial and movement. North American sellers preferred.
  2. Public Forum
    Hello, I am regulating my Vostok komandirskie watch and I am not sure if I have put in the gasgket in backwards or not. I noticed the gasket has a concave, and a convex side. I forgot to pay attention while I removed it so I was hoping someone could help me figure out which side goes up.
  3. Russian watches
    Im new to the watch thing, and naturally I've been researching and watching youtube videos, and I always see people say how Vostok watches are so cheap and all. Or that vostok has 30 dollar automatics. But where? How? What are they talking about? They are literally 200 dollars + wherever I...
  4. Russian watches
    Hi all, long-time lurker first-time poster here with a bit of a problem. I've had a Komandirskie 020739 for about 2 months now, it's my first mechanical and I've fallen in love with it! However, in the last couple of weeks I've caught it losing time here and there, maybe 5 or 10 minutes...
  5. Russian watches
    I recently purchased this bracelet for my amphibia from meranom. I was wondering if anyone knew how to size it since I can't seem to find anything. Thanks.
  6. Russian watches
    Hi all, I have never seen this dial before. I know the case and bezel are Amphibia. Are Komandirskie dials supposed to be this small? Is it even original?
  7. Russian watches
    I’m looking to get an amphibia. I wanted a scuba dude, the 710 case, a clean dial that’s also legible, and preferably no date. I just want to get an idea on some of people’s favorites and maybe some suggestions based off of what I want. Thanks
  8. Russian watches
    I'm liking it! I got this watch about a week ago and it's real nice! My only other mechanical watch is a Seiko 809 so, just be warned, I'm not a big mechanical watch enthusiast or collector. To this Komandirski, though, the look is great; I like the bezel and face design. It's very practical...
  9. Russian watches
    Sorry if this is repetitive, or perhaps I missed it. But I jumped on Meranom today as I was looking for a "420" case or a "120" Amphibia. Anyway, everything was out of stock. And I thought, that was weird. So, I went to look at all Amphibia's and the only one that was in stock was "Amphibian...
  10. Russian watches
    Hey guys, so I just waited 2 months to receive my first Vostok and I'm pretty disappointed now that it has arrived. When I opened the packaging the watches crystal had fallen off the watch. As I don't particular want to wait 2 months for a return is there any way to reattach the crystal? or what...
  11. Russian watches
    Hello all, Firstly thanks to everyone on here, the knowledge is immense and really helped me make an informed decision before joining the cult! All this started with a hankering for a blue dial diver. I have a gen 1 orange monster, a rose gold and black orient dress watch and a g shock...
  12. Public Forum
    Hello, I was gifted a VOSTOK Komandirskie watch that belonged to my grandfather and I was wondering if anyone could help me in identifying its production year (or rather a year span). Sadly I do not have any documents or a box, just the watch. From what I was told it might be from 1980-83...
  13. 5798F5ED-D5FA-403D-811A-A5C04FA37D18.jpeg

    Vostok Amfibia Zissou off the coast of Mauritius.
  14. Russian watches
    Hi all, I'm new to the watch world and budget is limited but I find the Vostok watches really intriguing, especially because of the history. Because of this I think I am more drawn to vintage than the new models. However, as mentioned, being new to watches I am aware of the potential pitfalls of...
  15. Russian watches
    Hi all, So I just bought my first vostok, the classic 420059 from I saw this model on amazon...
  16. Russian watches
    Hi all, Is this watch original and what would be a reasonable price?
  17. Affordable watches
    I recently got a a Vostok 110649, and I hated the original bracket. Bad fit, pulled a bunch of hairs, and it made the watch look over strapped. I have it on a black/dark grey leather strap that I had lying around, but I'm not sold on it. Looking for some recommendations. There dial is almost a...
  18. Russian watches
    I found a Vostok Amphibia Ministry case online. Is it rare and what is a good price for them? Thank you!
  19. Russian watches
    I've just rounded out my little collection with a Vostok flieger / field watch, the Komandirskie 346790. Wrist shot below. Already, I can tell the mineral glass is going to be a problem. In less than a week, I managed to put a small scratch in it. Does anyone know where to buy a sapphire for...
  20. Russian watches
    Hello, First post to the forum though I have always been a lurker. I have recently copped a VOSTOK 650841 and absolutely LOVE it. Love it so much that I want to make it better, upgrade it and keep it forever, and make it an heirloom item. Problem is I have no clue with what I am doing and the...
1-20 of 500 Results