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    Which brand resonates with you most and seems to never land short in bringing a special product or design out? (P.S How do I change my username lol?)
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    A lot of brands have been founded since the start of the new millennia, probably more so in the last 10 years with so many microbands popping up left and right. Quite a good amount of these microbrands will most likely not survive for one reason or another but others have cemented themselves and...
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    Of course I know of the big one (literally some may say!) Panerai, and today I found out about another called Anonimo Firenze, but that is all I know. Are there any other Italian brands, well known or not. Even historical, now defunct brands. My partner is Italian and who knows, this may be a...
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    Hey everyone. I just thought it would be interesting to find out what watch brands you have personally "blacklisted", and why. I'll start. I will probably never buy a Stuhrling Original watch. To me, a company that can't consistently manufacture quality watches is not a company worth looking into!
1-4 of 4 Results