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  1. Watch the Recording: Time 4A Pint vGTG #6 - Jonathan Hills & Seth Kennedy

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    On Sunday 3rd May, me (I'm the nerd behind Time 4A Pint) and Mat (the #Watchnerd), were joined by special guests Jonathan Hills (Director, Clocks & Barometers at Sotheby's) and Seth Kennedy (Watchmaker, Antiquarian Horologist, and QEST Scholar) for a little over 60 minutes of horological show...
  2. Is it Possible to Love Watches, but Hate Watch Culture?

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    Hello! I'm a 26 year old man living in Connecticut and I've been in love with watches for as long as I can remember. I've worn a wrist watch since I was 8 years old. To this day I'm amazed and fascinated by mechanical movements and beautiful designs and finishes. When I was 17, I began to tinker...
  3. Why I no longer collect or wear watches

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    I have decided that I will no longer collect or wear wrist watches.* I have decided that collecting watches detracts from a meaningful and happy life. Here are the reasons that I am no longer a watch person: I didn't have room in my sock drawer for socks. Nobody ever asked me "what time is...
  4. Why are watches and watch collecting popular? And not just watches, other thing also!

    Citizen watch reviews
    I just wanted to find out what make a person collect things like watches, model airplanes, model trains, cars, ETC. I've been flying RC and control-line planes for 55 yrs and just got back into watches after retiring from 35 yrs of auto body where rings, watches and the like were a hindrance to...
  5. Your idea but realistic watch collection.

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    What would be your ideal (realistic) watch collection of up to 6 pieces? This should be a list that should be possible to acquire in your lifetime without winning the lottery or another large sum of money. I’ll list mine below and give my reasons for why I chose these pieces. I’ll start of...
  6. Your Collection: The Old vs. The New

    Affordable watches
    To those of you who have a watch collection. Find your first watch, the one that started the collection and passion(don't tell me you threw it away!) and compare it to your latest watch. Or, compare your old favorite to a new latest and greatest watch. Do it just to see how your watch...
  7. Why do you search for more?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hy guys, one thing that strikes me most: Why do you/ we collect so many watches? Some are married and have 'only' one wife- but tons of watches! My guess is that we all are only looking for the one and only watch- and that needs not to be the so-called grail. Grails can be just very rare or...
  8. A world without internet

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi there Just been thinking about how helpful and entertaining i have found this forum since coming across it late last year. Got me thinking of how things would be different without the net. ( as a 23 year old i dont remember a lot before having some form of the net to play on.) Information...