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  1. Affordable 3 watch collection

    Affordable watches
    This is my starter collection Do you have a 3 watch collection? Show it off
  2. Entire Watch collection for sale- hand wind, auto, quartz, plus straps and box.

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Top row; Corguet 44mm Hand wind pilot, exhibition back, Corguet auto, Alpina Startimer, Wenger quartz w/new Renata cell, Middle row; Parnis diver style screw down crown, Sea-Gull auto, Escapement time pilot auto Sea-Gull movement 300m, screw down crown, scratched up Bulova Bottom row; Alpina...
  3. Dang! I thought I was bad! Dang!

    Public Forum
    Nothing I’ve found even comes close!
  4. Want to Trade my Collection of 12 Watches for 1 Good Automatic Watch!

    WTT - Trade Corner
    Hey guys I have a little collection of 12 watches that I dont seem to use, They are all really nice watches but I never get a chance to wear them. I have attached pictures, I am looking to trade all 12 against just once nice Automatic watch can be contemporary or vintage, post what you have and...
  5. Automatic and Hand wind mechanical watch collection with extra straps

    eBay Auctions
    Here is a great collection of hand wind and automatic mechanical watches including divers, dress, and military along with extra straps. Seikos, Parnis, Russian, and Sewor plus. Some are new all are running. FREE Priority shipping in US
  6. My new passion/hobby or call it whatever :)

    Public Forum
    Hello watch community :) Let me introduce my humble collection of affordable and very affordable watches. It is my second post here, so I am still learning how to make a thread look nice, specially with this many pictures (hope it will not look as a big mess). So, here I go. The first one is my...
  7. 2 vintage Omega's

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi guys, Had a day of from work today, went searching for some watches and i found (bought) those 2 down here. (I tried to tell myself I had enough watches but it was stronger than myself) :) nice pieces I think, pictures not that good, as my camera is broken i think :) hope it's enough for...
  8. 3 new pieces to the collection; Longines, Omega, Jaquet-Droz

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    3 new pieces to my collection; any info would be most appreciated, as I know not too much about what's inside these watches (normally I do, but I came across them and had to decide real quick to buy or not to buy them :) ) 1) Omega Geneve; serviced watch, good condition, keeps time perfect. Not...
  9. Your idea but realistic watch collection.

    Public Forum
    What would be your ideal (realistic) watch collection of up to 6 pieces? This should be a list that should be possible to acquire in your lifetime without winning the lottery or another large sum of money. I’ll list mine below and give my reasons for why I chose these pieces. I’ll start of...
  10. My watch collection. What do you think?

    Image Gallery
    Would like to hear some opinions. Still in my wish list a zenith elite class reserve de marche and AP dual time GMT. First probably will come by the end of this year, for the second, still need to put money away for a while. Sorry about the pic quality. Cuervo y Sobrinos Torpedo...
  11. Your Collection: The Old vs. The New

    Affordable watches
    To those of you who have a watch collection. Find your first watch, the one that started the collection and passion(don't tell me you threw it away!) and compare it to your latest watch. Or, compare your old favorite to a new latest and greatest watch. Do it just to see how your watch...
  12. If budget is an issue, would you realistically have one "good" watch or multiple affordable ones?

    Public Forum
    If budget is an issue, would you realistically have one "good" watch or multiple affordable ones? I know many of you here would prefer many many watches for different purposes but for my budget situation right now I can only afford one "good watch" and to use as an every-day watch. I want to...
  13. Starting A Watch Collection

    Public Forum
    Okay so this will be my first Invicat Collection. Previously I had a Casio G-Shock Collection only which I put togther over the years, from the first G-Shocks to the latest Mudman. I just sold off my G-shock collection and I am looking to start an Invicta collection. What I did to start off...
  14. My year of bidding dangerously (monitor and sanity burner)

    I’ve been suffering this wonderful Seiko sickness for a complete year, so I figured I’d post a round-up of my collection to date. My collection. Seen here, from left to right, are: HMT Pilot, white dial, on Timefactors olive drab canvas Seiko SKX031, which is on Divestraps leather Seiko...
  15. Do you insure your watch collection ?

    Public Forum
    Now that I have a nice little collection sitting in my desk drawer at home, I'm wandering if I should take out special insurance on it. When I added it all up, what's sitting in my desk drawer adds up to more than your average new car. Do you guys take out special insurance on your watch...