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  1. Montmartre Watchworks concept

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    My watch design- Montmartre Watchworks. new renders Standard dial model with metal bracelet Image showing the standard watch case with 3 bezel options Looking at some special edition dials and straps Blue step dial Brushed gunmetal step dial [standard dial] Copper step...
  2. MY OWN DESIGN - inspired by my favourite watches

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hi watch enthusiasts! I hope this is the right place for my post. I'm currently expecting my new Seiko SRP775J to arrive, and to take my mind off 3+ weeks of waiting I decided to model my own watch design. It's inspired by my favourite watch designs - Citizen Grand Touring, Seiko divers (I own...
  3. Prototype - Fixed Bezel versus Removable Bezel

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hello, First of all, great forum - 'Watch Concepts & Designs'! I'm learning so much from all the contributions. For the past few months, I have been assembling some watches from parts that I acquire online. However, for my next step, I want to attempt to prototype case. I am considering a pilot...
  4. Uhuru Watches new design - Ukhozi Pilot

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hi guys, It's been about a year since my last project, the Impi Automatic, so I've started on a new one! The Ukhozi Pilot (pronounced ooo-core-zee). It's going to be a 9015 powered pilot style watch with a sandwich dial. The white version will have a fully lumed top layer with BGW9. The...
  5. My watch concepts, please comment

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hello, my name is Alexandr and I'm an independent designer, I create watches design concepts. I would like to know community opinion about my works. I have been working as a 3D designer and interface designer since 2007. Currently, I am focused on watch design. I have many ideas for designing...
  6. My watch design project. Future new watch brand?

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    For now I will keep it short and not tell the whole story for this design and why I am designing a watch/watches. This is something that I will add later on. The key points for me are: - I have wanted to make my own watch design for a while. - maybe even start my own watch brand - It's...
  7. Designing and making my first watch based around an ETA 6498

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    A few months ago I decided I would have ago at designing and making my own watch, well the case anyway at least. I did some research and went through loads of pics of watches and saving the ones that I liked and ones that had features that I would like on my watch, or my interpretation of them...
  8. Official Huygens Sea Sapphire/Sea Onyx Thread

    Affordable watches
    The brand Our brand is named after Christiaan Huygens who was a prominent Dutch astronomer, physicist, probabilist and horologist who lived in the 17th century. Huygens was a leading scientist of his time. His work included early telescopic studies of the rings of Saturn and the discovery of its...
  9. CNC program off the shelf ready for clock and watchmakers?

    Clock world
    looking to see if there is any programs out there for clock and watchmakers that will not empty ones wallet? also how popular are high end ,custom designed clocks?
  10. What do you think? Opinions?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    I hope I'm not violating any rules (I've looked over the posting policy), but this is in regard to a project I've run by on the Kickstarter site. Now, if you're not familiar with this site, entrepreneurs with ideas for designs in technology and arts are given a hub (this site) to find sponsors...
  11. Azimuth Singapore National Day 2011 Commemorative Dial Design Competition

    AZIMUTH - Avant-Garde Complications
    Check out details here! AZIMUTH - AVANT-GARDE COMPLICATIONS or Official Azimuth Watch | Facebook
  12. Linde Werdelin Inspired design

    Linde Werdelin
    Howdy all, I've really fallen for the LW watches and instead of working on other projects, I've been procrastinating a bit with this very LW inspired watch design. Thought I'd share
  13. Procrastinating This Morning, Made This:

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    I should be working on other things, but inspiration struck after sketching a few watch design ideas while soaking up some dull TV. I'm not really a 3D modelling type of guy, so this kind of work is a bit outside of my usual scope. I tried on an AP Royal Oak & IWC Ingenieur a while back and...
  14. Modding a cheap watch (image heavy!)

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    The really cheap skeleton watch from the online flea bay-market arrived after 2 weeks in transit. It looked awful, just as pictured on the seller's page. It came with missing screw, finger prints on the insides, and no water proofing of any sorts, despite claiming a 1atm water resistance...
  15. Diver Sport 2009 perspective

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    well this is my pathetic attempt at 3D in illustrator, yes illustrator...ahaha...well this isn't exactly how I would like this to come out on a legit 3D program but it's some what close....