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    Hi all, If this has been discussed previously, please advise. I'm wanted to know if there are any watch fairs or meets in the UK where enthusiasts gather to pay homage to all things horology. Thanks
  2. Public Forum
    Anyone have experience finding various parts and assembling at home? Is it hard to find an off the shelf ETA movement? Curious to hear thoughts! Not sure what I’m getting into lol
  3. Public Forum
    Hi Everyone ! ? I am Thibaud, a "new" 24 years old & French watch enthusiast ! (sorry if you find some mistakes in my spelling or some odd wording or crazy sentences) ^^" This post is about picking a first really good quality watch to begin your collection. In the following you will find my...
  4. Public Forum
    Anyone else using TWE app? i had previously purchased the 2013 & 2014 apps, and really enjoyed the offline usage. I was dismayed to accidentally update the app recently, to find all content is now locked online unless you pay an annual subscription. Having previously paid for 2 separate year, i...
1-4 of 4 Results