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  1. Making Watch Hands

    I am working on creating a custom watch but having issues with watch hands. I have looked at previous posts here with similar questions but couldn't find a concrete answer. I am looking to make my watch hands by laser cutting, however, the outer taper is what I am having trouble with. In...
  2. The Most Common Types of Watch Hands: Part II

    News from the Watch Industry
    Learn about some of the more decorative types of watch hands in the second part of WatchUSeek's style guide. It’s time for the second installment of our watch hand style guide. These hands you’re sure to find just a little more elaborate than those on the last list. Featuring designs that are...
  3. Where is the Love for Alpha Hands?

    Affordable watches
    Long time lurker and first time thread starter! So my grail has been a Speedmaster for a long long time. And now that has been superseeded by.... (Stolen Pic) I know it is a Speedmaster (First Omega in Space)... but... I love the Alpha hands. This is not a post about speedies, but a call...
  4. Small Second Hand Pinion?

    Public Forum
    I think I may have accidentally pulled off the pinion for my small second hand. Is there a small second hand pinion? Is it called something else? In the quest to improve the water resistance of my Omega Seamaster 2576, I had to replace the small second hand. I installed a small second hand...
  5. Hand made Hand

    Hi all, noob here, but long time stalker. I've become quite intrigued with the whole watch making process, as many of you have. I have decided to give a go at making my own hands and possibly a dial. By hand of course. No stamping or pre-manufactured parts. Here is a first attempt with sculpting...
  6. Watch hands

    Hello, I started just my own amateur project on which I took a automatic watch I bought once. After receiving the watch I found out it was a fake of a certain brand. I thought it still looked good, but I prefer a homage so I never took the fake one around for a day. Yesterday I grabbed the...
  7. where can i find wathch hands that can fitt miyota movments

    i will be more than thankfull if someone can help we with a name or a link of supplier of vareity of watch hands that will fitt to miyota movments
  8. looking for watch hands and backs supllier

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    i am looking for miyota watch hands supplier. i want to choose the hands from existing catalog. the second parts are not marked watch backs
  9. Custom Watch Hands

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hello, I've been working on a custom watch design, and the final hurdle is finding someone who can make custom watch hands. I've looked all over various forums and websites, but can't seem to find anyone who can make watch hands to my specifications. They will be for an ETA 902.101 movement, so...
  10. Hands on Vostock Auto vs Manual Wind

    Russian watches
    I am trying hard to digest and organize the shared expertise here . I have noticed two different hands in use on the Vostock watches. The manual wind "Amphibia" seem to use the hands with the "Arrow"Hour hand. The Autowind " Komandirskie " seems to use the straight "Narrow" hands. Just...