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  1. ISA-1198

    I am having an issue and I thought this might be a great place to ask the question. I have a Marathon Tsar that the movement died, instead of taking it in to have it replaced I figured it would be a great learning tool. (I Have replaced hands and movements in watches as well as piecing watches...
  2. Any good watch maker in Portland OR area?

    Public Forum
    This goes out to all the Portlanders of WUS...all 5 of you..? So I know this is a very specific question but I've had a hard time finding a good watch technician. One that I used to have has closed up shop. Thanks!
  3. Advice on where to go to learn how to repair watches and watch making

    Public Forum
    Hi, At 50 I'm starting to consider what I'd like to do in the later years of my life. I'm an artist/designer with a growing passion for watches, watch making and repair. So I was wondering if anyone has some advice on how to go about learning the skills needed to do watch repair and restoration...
  4. ETA 2836-2 Crown Question + General Watchmaking

    A question to the experts here who are familiar with Swiss ETA build kits - I am contemplating building my own GMT and are looking at these two items on eBay: 191881679394 - This is a GMT kit which includes case, movement ring, dial, hands (4) and crown (no stem). It says it is for "ETA...
  5. My first custom tourbillon watch

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hi everyone, I'm Quinn. I'm a startup entrepreneur who loves watches. With my spare time I managed to designed and put together a tourbillon watch, here are two pictures of it: The watch face consist of 4 layers of cut and engraved dials, superluminova hands and markers. It was actually...
  6. New to watches - want to make my own BUT...

    Public Forum
    Hello everyone, Compete watch noob here. Hope everyone here is as welcoming as they seem throughout the several threads I read on here... i'll get straight to the point... So I want to make watch but, I'll be honest, I'm not fully interested in the inner workings of a watch, whether it is...
  7. Has anyone made watch hands using laser cutting? If not, we can work on a solution here.

    Hey guys, I recently made some pretty cool stuff with a laser cutter and it dawned on me that I can probably use it to make watch hands. I've seen some startups/ kickstarter projects claiming that they made their custom watch hands with laser cutter but I've never seen anything in real life...
  8. Advise on personalising a watch using selected working mechanism and case

    Dear All I have been passionate about watches for quite a while, and I have been reading recently about individuals making their own watches. Although I would love to get more involved in watch making, there is just no way I could find time now to start building my knowledge of this amazing...
  9. Hand made Hand

    Hi all, noob here, but long time stalker. I've become quite intrigued with the whole watch making process, as many of you have. I have decided to give a go at making my own hands and possibly a dial. By hand of course. No stamping or pre-manufactured parts. Here is a first attempt with sculpting...
  10. Omega 200m 166.0177 help?

    I recently came into possession for most of the of parts Omega 200m 166.0177 diver. It was the project of a family friend who passed on. He was putting together the watch from spare parts. The watch has the case, crystal, strap and hands. I have been looking for a dial and movement. My first...
  11. urwerk

    Public Forum
    im brand new here guys & had a question ..are there any videos of the making of a urwerk watch out there because ever since i first laid eyes on their ur-202 ive been obsessed with the inner workings of it ..thanks
  12. What does OEM and ODM mean in watch manufacturing?

    Public Forum
    I'm new to watch manufacturing and i wanted to know what OEM and ODM means. I have a small watch company that is growing and I'm looking for a manufacturer to make more time pieces for business under my brand. When i contact them they tell me that some of there watches are OEM which i know is...
  13. Chinese Automatic Watch Exports

    Does anybody know of a good resource to find information on how many automatic watches are made in China, where they are exported to, quantity etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. ** Calling All Watch Designers / Makers!! Unique Opportunity for a New Watch Line

    Hello fellow watch seekers. My name is Jason and I have been a watch forum member for over a year now but have been a watch fan for as long as I can remember. On my spare time, I collect/sell watches and have formed a large client base. I have always been an admirer of a few different styles of...