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  1. Public Forum
    I've had a passive interest in watches for most of my life, but I've taken more of an interest recently. I've owned a Victorinox and an Orvis manufactured by Wenger that both belonged to my grandfather. I've always thought they were especially neat because they are both Swiss made, and Swiss...
  2. Watchmaking
    Hi, I'm new here and am interested in building watches from completed movements. I am not a professional watchmaker but I am extremely interested in this fine art and wish to pursue it as a hobby. For now though my goal is to build myself watches using available parts and completed movements...
  3. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Dear Watchlovers, I have for sale limited sets of watch movement cufflinks made from authentic watch parts and mechanisms. Genuine working winding movements and crafted in high quality stainless steel metal finish. Due to the limited quantities, I'm selling on a first come first serve basis...
  4. Dive watches
    Hello, A few days ago I requested advice on purchasing the armida a1 due to my small 6.5 wrist. Thanks to your awesome advice and recomendations I decided to go for it!!. However, here's my other question. ETA or Miyota. What would be best as far as the movement. I known the difference in...
  5. Watchmaking
    i intend to craft man size quartz movement watch, i can't decide which movement to buy? i need movement with second hand but without date or chrono miyota? hattori? which model there are more than one. i will appreciate any help
  6. Public Forum
    Hi WUS members , I Wanted to know; which of these 2 movements is better? Why? And maybe some cons & pros of both movements..... -SW220 (Ive seen It has 26 jewels vs 25 thats a pro!) -7750 Valjoux Thanks A lot.....
  7. Public Forum
    Does anyone know how many companies I could pursue to find a supplier for Swiss Made manual or automatic movements? If so, could you please respond to this thread in earnest as I would appreciate the information immensely. Thank you and have a happy watch experience today! :-)
1-7 of 8 Results