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  1. Chinese Mechanical watches
    This watch has an NH35 that is messing up out of warranty. I had it regulated, but this didn't fix my issue. I figure that by the time I get down to the cause of the issue with this movement, I will have spent much more than the cost of an entirely new NH35. I consider myself pretty handy, but I...
  2. Watchmaking
    I have a watch that uses an Sw-200 movement and I noticed lately that when I manually wind the watch I can hear and feel the rotor spin when I wind it. Does anyone have experience with this issue and or what's the solution thank you.
  3. Public Forum
    Hey guys, Long-time reader, first-time poster. So I got my Seiko spb143 about 10-9 months ago; it's quickly become my favorite watch; I wear it every day. A few weeks ago, the bezel would get hard to turn sometimes, and eventually it felt like it Got loose, and it just stopped Clicking and It...
1-3 of 3 Results