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  1. Search for an Longines L950.2 Quartz Movement

    Recently I was passed down this watch and found the movement rusted inside, so I wanted to see if it was possible to get it running again. Well horrifyingly I went to a watch repair shop and they said they can add a new movement inside which would be similar to the old one. When I visited...
  2. Replacing Quartz Circuitry - ETA 956.112

    Hi folks, I've got a ladies Edox quartz watch on the workbench currently with a non-running movement. I've resorted to repairing ladies watches now so I don't have the temptation to keep them after repairing it. The movement itself, the gears and date complication, all seem to work fine. The...
  3. Readers’ Picks: Best Watch Accessories and Tools on Amazon, According to You

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Here we take a look back at what watch-related gear you were putting in your Amazon shopping carts last year. First up: the best watch accessories, according to you. Through our affiliate partnership with Amazon, we were able to access lists of the most popular items purchased by our readers...
  4. Advice on where to go to learn how to repair watches and watch making

    Public Forum
    Hi, At 50 I'm starting to consider what I'd like to do in the later years of my life. I'm an artist/designer with a growing passion for watches, watch making and repair. So I was wondering if anyone has some advice on how to go about learning the skills needed to do watch repair and restoration...
  5. Have you ever fixed your watch instead of sending it in for repair or service?

    Affordable watches
    I recently bought a Citizen bn0085-01e professional diver in the Bahamas and noticed that a couple days later the second hand was binding the minute hand. I opened ed it and noticed that I could lift the movement up slightly so I did that and tweeted the second hand up ever so slightly. What...
  6. Valjoux 7733 sweep second hand gets stuck (in a Gigandet)

    Looking for some advice here. Just got in Gigandet regatta watch and all works well...except the sweep second hand resets at just a mm past 12 o'clock and when the chronograph is activated...the sweep second hand stops just shy of 12 o'clock. If I tap the crystal...sometimes it jolts forward...
  7. Valjoux 7733 sweep second hand gets stuck (in a Gigandet)

    Looking for some advice here. Just got in Gigandet regatta watch and all works well...except the sweep second hand resets at just a mm past 12 o'clock and when the chronograph is activated...the sweep second hand stops just shy of 12 o'clock. If I tap the crystal...sometimes it jolts forward...
  8. Reparing a vintage Moeris Tramway pocket watch

    Public Forum
    Hello, I'm new on this website and this is my first post, and I'm posting because I have just acquired my first vintage watch. It's a Moeris Tramway pocket watch (Pictures are provided) and it seems to my eyes (I'm no expert, of course) to be in fairly good condition, but it doesn't work. I've...
  9. Is there a WUS directory or discussion of watchmakers / repair shops?

    Public Forum
    Hi gang, My trusted watchmaker recently told me he can’t work on a certain watch that I need serviced, and while I do appreciate someone who knows their limitations, I still need to find an alternative. So in perusing WUS, we have our Sales Corner, and we have a place for strap makers to ply...
  10. Sandoz watch - do I fix it?

    Public Forum
    Hi All, I'm relatively new to the forum (my other post is about buying a new watch... I'm still figuring that out) and was hoping to get some help deciding what to do with an old Sandoz watch I know very little about. A number of years ago I was in Switzerland on a tight budget. The last day...
  11. Seagull locations in Shanghai

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    For Seagull fans in Shanghai. Yesterday I went on a Seagull mission in Shanghai : I needed to bring a seagull watch for repair under warranty. As I was looking online for information about the shop location in Shanghai I found an old post here on WUS...
  12. Tissot Watch Repair

    Public Forum
    Hi All I have a vintage Tissot seastar PR516 with a gold colored bracelet band. The band is broken, the crystal heavily scratched and the case scratched. It keeps good time, however. I live in the Boston area. Any recommendations about where to bring or send it for a new band and crystal and...
  13. Central Watch Repair/Service Review, Story - Grand Central Watch

    Public Forum
    Some weeks ago I did something I have now come to regret: instead of sending a perhaps novel, but movement-wise generally ubiquitous, watch to my certified Rolex repair man in upstate New York, I searched for a new repair center locally. I work/live as an Attorney in Long Island/Manhattan...
  14. Old Seiko Watch what model? Where can I fix it?

    Hi there, I have my grandfathers watch and I could not identify the model of the watch. It is currently broken, and I was wondering if it was worth to repair it. It look pretty beat up, and it doesn't require a battery to operate. Thanks
  15. HELP NEEDED: Broken Pallet Fork on my Omega Speedmaster Professional (3570.50) caliber 1861

    I have an Omega Speedy Pro 3570.50 that I had serviced a year ago this month. Since then, it has ran at +2 seconds/day which I considered to be pretty good. I accidentally dropped it the other week and now it is running at -2 minutes. I took it in to my local master watch maker and they informed...
  16. Omega Speedmaster professional repair

    Public Forum
    Hello, New to the forum. I have an Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II in need of crystal replacement and refinishing the front face. I am looking for reference of a reputable watchmaker in the west coast, or even the East coast. I really appreciate any info.
  17. Philadelphia based repair center

    Greetings, This post is intended as a WIS public service announcement and not as an advertisement.;-) My 5 year old 2254.50 was coming due for it's service, and my watchmakers of choice have always been Precision Watch Repair in Philadelphia, Pa. When I called to arrange dropping off my watch, I...
  18. How to remove the movement from this watch?

    Watchmaking, How To's and Technical Resources
    **** I just realised that I have put this under Seiko & Citizen thread, sorry. I am not sure how to move this to another thread. I have now created this post on another forum thread here: Could someone share some...
  19. Detective work - where to buy a vintage/retro JLC Crown?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi guys I've sent numerous emails to eBay sellers (selling the same watch) and overseas vintage watch repairers trying to track down a replacement crown for my dad's JLC Memovox Pocket Alarm (60s). See pic. To date I've had no replies. :-( Any ideas of any other avenues I could try (aside...
  20. Meaning of oil or lubricating symbols

    Could someone please share your expert knowledge on how to read this oiling or lubricating symbols (See image below)? Also, are they standard use of this symbols (I am assuming so because where I see these symbols on Ronda watch movement technical guide it doesn't come with an explanation on...