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  1. Goodspeed Sonoma - Affordable Vintage Racing Chronograph

    Reviewed this a month ago but only got around to posting it just now. Detailed written review with lots of macros - Goodspeed Sonoma – Beans & Bezels On a Vario leather strap: ☕
  2. New haul from WatchBandit

    Straps & Bracelets
    I got a few straps from WatchBandit to feature on my website, and I thought some folks might appreciate it here. Playing "dress-up" with watch straps is always fun :D I also made a video of them here if anyone is interested:
  3. [Advice] Purchasing luxury watch with flagship retailer over phone?

    High-end watches
    Looking to purchase a luxury watch for Dad's upcoming big retirement.. tricky part, except they live in another country. Covid has kiboshed my international travel plans so looking for some advice.. The luxury retailer has an authorized flagship in the country but I'm wondering what were the...
  4. Vandaag Primus

    Vandaag sent me their Primus and Schallmauer watches to review. Here is my review of the Primus: Detailed written review with lots of delicious macros: Vandaag Primus – Beans & Bezels
  5. First TAG Heuer. Do you still have an affinity for that watch?

    TAG Heuer
    Most people seek out a luxury brand and drool over a specific watch for sometime before they get the money to purchase the watch. TAG Heuer is no different. I absolutely love my Monaco. What was your first TAG Heuer watch, and what made you like that specific watch over a different brand?
  6. Dailos Waveform - Affordable Titanium Diver

    I spent a little under a week with the Dailos Waveform prototype. This watch is scheduled to go live on Kickstarter in a month or so. I think if they can fix some of the (minor) QC issues on the dial and the bezel for the final production units, this one will be a big success. The dial is quite...
  7. Vario Empire Tuxedo - Art Deco, Affordable & Attractive

    Finally got around to posting my review of this beautifully designed and affordable Art Deco inspired watch from Vario. This was also my first encounter with the Miyota 6T33 hand-wound movement, and I'm glad they put an exhibition caseback on it, because it is quite an interesting looking...
  8. Alkin Model Two - Diver with exceptional legibility!

    I just published my review of the Alkin Model Two, a compressor style diver that has an almost 'minimalist' approach to dive watch design. I love how legible the entire dial is and how effortless it is to read. Detailed written review with macros - Alkin Model Two – Beans & Bezels Happy...
  9. Kaal Multiverse Series Sol - Cosmic Wrist Presence

    Detailed written review with slightly better camera work, because filming and photographing that dome was incredibly difficult - Kaal Multiverse Series – Sol – Beans & Bezels ☕
  10. Guinand Flight Engineer

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This is a watch I am sad to sell as I only bought it a couple of months ago, and it was to celebrate a small personal milestone. But I've gone ahead and bought another watch that I've been eyeing for a while (Ming Diver 18.01) and I have to part ways with either this watch or the Guinand HS100...
  11. Help me identify the watch from Dembe (The Blacklist)

    Public Forum
    I collect watches from movies and series that I love. Not just every watch, but the combination of the watch and the character wearing it plays a big part in my collection. So, does can someone help me out with this one? :) I use this site a lot, but couldn't find an answer to this one, so I...
  12. Farr + Swit Seaplane Daytrip - Amphibious & Adventurous

    Just published my review of the Farr + Swit Seaplane Day Trip. I was always attracted to the interesting dial design of this, and was glad to finally spend some time with it. Written review with lots of macros - Farr & Swit Seaplane Day Trip – Beans & Bezels Thanks for looking! ☕
  13. Buying My First Orient - Orient Analogue Quartz FUY03005A0

    Public Forum
    So after lots of reading on this forum I have decided to take the leap and buy an Orient - found this on the river at a really good price Orient Analogue Quartz FUY03005A0: Watches What do you think ? Regards J
  14. Dan Henry 1939 vs Avi-8 Flyboy Lafayette

    Public Forum
    Hi Guys, I'm trying desperately to choose between two watches: the Dan Henry 1939 Black dial and the Avi-8 Flyboy Lafayette Blanc. They are both chronograph, I'd appreciate some advice about either microbrands, on the aesthetics of each's dial. I'm a real sucker for detailed, layered dials 😅...
  15. Kaal Multiverse Series - Space Themed Microbrand

    Affordable watches
    I noticed that there have not been any threads about these watches so I decided to start one. I had one of them (an early stage prototype of the the Sun - 'Sol') for a while to review, so here's a few photographs: This watch was extremely difficult for me to photograph because of the massive...
  16. Looking For CNC Recommendations for Watch Case

    Hey everyone, Would anyone have contacts or can point me in the right direction to get a watch case CNC machined? I have been getting quotes from different companies overseas and in North America but none I am satisfied with (in terms of their confidence to produce). I have all the necessary...
  17. Details of Franck Muller Freedom watch

    Public Forum
    Below i have attached the watch picture. Can anyone get this watch manual or details ? Is this original ? Im not able to find details. Thank you
  18. Watch Back Removal Tools

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Looking to buy a good watch back removal tool after the closure of my local shop because of the lockdown - question is they all seem really cheap and probably too cheap. Is there a great difference in quality ? Any brands worth looking at ? I was looking at this on the bay WATCH BACK CASE...
  19. Laco Augsburg vs Laco Münster - Thoughts & Photographs

    I was fortunate enough to spend about a month with two beautiful blue watches (Laco Augsburg and Laco Münster) from the Laco catalog. My plan was to make a detailed comparison between the Original Series (~$1190) and the Basic Series (~$400). Here are some of my thoughts: Comparison Video...
  20. Laco Basic vs Laco Original - Thoughts & Photographs

    Affordable watches
    I was fortunate enough to spend about a month with two beautiful blue watches (Laco Augsburg and Laco Münster) from the Laco catalog. My plan was to make a detailed comparison between the Original Series ($1190 - more historically accurate flieger designs, with better movements) and the Basic...