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  1. Great Craftsmanship

    Public Forum
    Been watching some restoration vids on the YT and came across this video. To say I am awestruck by the end result is an understatement. This fella is genius at his craft. Great video.
  2. Interview with CEO of Guinand

    German watches
    I just came across this wonderful conversaion with Mr Mattias Klüh of Guinand and thought some folks here might appreciate it too:
  3. Watches and strong magnetic fields – consequences

    Public Forum
    Dear WUS community, I work in the medical field and therefore come into contact with a lot of magnetic fields. Let's say my watch doesn't have an anti-magnetic movement. I was wondering how my watch would be affected (if at all) if I stood in the room next to an MRT where you don't have to...
  4. Please Help With Information On Tudor Oyster Prince

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hey Everyone! I have recently received a Tudor Oyster Prince and would like some information regarding a price point. I don't intend to sell it as i have started collecting watches as i really enjoy the hobby. Doing searches online i cant seem to find the exact model i have which is bugging me...
  5. Affordable 3 watch collection

    Affordable watches
    This is my starter collection Do you have a 3 watch collection? Show it off
  6. New microbrand 'Heinrich Watches' - 70s inspired diver

    Dive watches
    Just saw this posted on a Facebook micro-brand group. I like the 70s inspired case and the engraved / etched edge on the bezel is pretty neat too. I believe these will be in the $600 range, with a Sellita SW200-1 in there. Thoughts?
  7. New Watch Day - Guinand HS100

    German watches
    I was fortunate enough to pick up this piece from the WUS classifieds. This watch was made to commemorate Helmut Sinn's 100th birthday (in 2016 I believe). The watch was designed to honor Helmut Sinn's love for fliegers and racing. I would typically go for a watch with such aggressive red...
  8. Guinand 2020 Releases

    German watches
    I just saw this on their Facebook / YouTube: More details on their website for the Klassik 37 - They also did a hands-on unveiling on their YouTube which is how I found it - Thoughts? I...
  9. Selling My Watches to buy a Smartwatch

    Public Forum
    I do love my watches, but the more I see of some of the Smartwatches (not Apple), the more I wonder if I should sell off my watches and buy a Smartwatch. They seem to have so many features, many I don't need. I've been researching such a watch for my son who is hearing impaired. He needs a...
  10. Is anyone attending the North Coast Regional October 18 and 19, 2019 ?

    NAWCC Forum
    This year it will be at the Akron Hilton, Fairlawn 3180 W. Market Street, Akron, OH 44333 Also it will be open to the public admission is $7.00 per day. A great chance to get some deals or to just talk with other watch and clock collectors
  11. I need your help! I'm Looking For..

    Affordable watches
    A watch that is <=$300, has a gorgeous deep blue or light blue sunray dial, and is on a leather strap (preferably with a raised crystal). My ideal watch would look closest to the Farer Lander GMT: and a close second would be the Squale Match Professional 600MT: I flirted with the idea of...
  12. Thoughts, Comments and Advices on My Collection

    Public Forum
    Hi, I'm new to the forum, but have been collecting watches for a few years now. I would like you opinions, comments and advice on my current watch collection: Alpina Startimer Pilot Chronograph LT Alpina Startimer Classic Chronograph Ball Fireman Racer DLC Baume Mercier Clifton Club...
  13. Thoughts, Comments and Advices on My Collection

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, but have been collecting watches for a few years now. I would like you opinions, comments and advice on my current watch collection: Alpina Startimer Pilot Chronograph LT Alpina Startimer Classic Chronograph Ball Fireman Racer DLC Baume Mercier Clifton Club Automatic...
  14. SeikoHolicAddict website: Is it a SCAM or not?

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Has anyone heard of ? Or has anyone done business with this guy? I'm trying to figure out if this website is legitimate or not. It has a FB page and the alleged owner has a following on FB too, but I cannot tell. PM me or reply if you have any firsthand...
  15. Why Don't We Have A Dedicated "Invicta" Forum?

    Public Forum
    I know many watch owners and collectors do not have a high regard for Invicta watches, but they may be one of the best-selling brands in the world. I own quite a few and consider many of the "Swiss Made" versions I own to be really great values for the money, and pretty good quality also. I...
  16. Introducing The Constellar Epoch Series | Live on Kickstarter!

    Start Up Watch Companies - Crowdfunding
    First and Foremost, The Constellar Team would like to thank Watchuseek and the administrators, especially Brad, for allowing us to introduce our brand on Watchuseek. We really appreciate the opportunity to share our watches with the Watchuseek community. Dear Watchuseek community, My name is...
  17. Kickstarter: Lenvino Lecronos Vintage Racing Inspired Watches

    News from the Watch Industry
    Following on from the incredible success of their initial launch with Kickstarter , Hong Kong brand Lenvino is back with an entirely new offering. Formed in 2017 by a group of dedicated watch addicts, the company managed to raise over HK$ 420,000 for its minimalist tourbillon watch and, in the...
  18. My little youtube channel about watches

    Public Forum
    Hi, how is everyone? Just started a little youtube channel that started with reviews of guns and now im trying to transfer it to different topic, my big love, watches. I will do reviews, my thoughts and different aspects regarding watches, now you can find reviews of watches like Seiko, Tissot...
  19. Does anyone have their watch collecton on a self kept webpage somewhere in the net.

    Public Forum
    I started to put my watches on a web page a few days ago. was wondering if other peopel also have them. regards david
  20. What suit do you match your watch with? Ladies and Gents

    Public Forum
    I usually wear something sophisticated with my nicer watches. Usually roll up the sleeves too just to show it off a bit LOL. What do you all wear? Or am I just picky with my attire