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  1. Public Forum
    Hello I'm a new watch blogger and lately I?m meeting more and more people who had quite painful experiences with their watches. Indeed in 2 of my articles the aficionados broke their watches. One fell from a sink and the other one smashed against a desk. But they were repaired as if nothing...
  2. IWC
    Mehmet is somebody who is bigger than life, a real enthusiast. He already owned several watches (JLC, Rolex) but there was one watch that he desired more than all the others. For 3 years he has been resisting to this wonderful limited series of the Portuguese Calendar. He was trying (as we all...
  3. Public Forum
    I waited 12 years to buy this watch!!!! Why such a long time you will ask me??.Of course at first it was a budget issue but I was also extremely picky. I.chose it as if it was the only watch I would en up buying..I picked several criteria’s that my first watch had to had. - It had to be sport...
1-3 of 6 Results