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    Hey all! I've recently started an apprenticeship with a retiring watchmaker. He had me pick up THE CHICAGO SCHOOL OF WATCHMAKING and ill be meeting with him a couple times a week for him to critique my work and go over lessons. Here's my question: is there an answer key for the tests in the...
  2. Help me identify Omega speedmaster (real/ fake cal.550?) and condition

    Hi everyone :-) I´m about to purchase my first omega, i was looking a gift for my father birthday (he lost his only watch a few years ago). I was trying to find a sarb033 or an vintage omega/longines. I did my research but i still have some doubts about the authenticity of some parts. -The...
  3. How Vianney Halter Watch Lugs are Polished

    Public Forum
    I was very lucky to have recently been able to visit Vianney Halter's Workshop and saw first hand how the just watch lugs of his Anniversary watches are polished, and he explained the time it takes to make them. I was allowed to film, so I thought I would share here for anyone who is interested...
  4. Movement Finishing

    Public Forum
    Hi all, Ok, I've got so many questions. It's been about a year since I've started really nerding out about watches and after hours and hours of rigorous (free) research about watchmaking, I've just purchased an ETA 6497-1 movement and I'm ready to start doing some tinkering! I've picked out a...
  5. Can I put 4r35 mvt in Seiko Mini Turtle w/ 4r36 mvt

    I have a Seiko SRPC91 Save the Ocean(STO) with 4r35 mvt and Seiko SRPC41 Mini Turtle with 4r36 mvt. I want to swap the whole movt with dial and hands. Is this possible? I'm worried that the crown stem will not fit if I swap the mvt out. TIA
  6. Date disc (2557/1) for ESA 9162 (Longines ultronic 6312)

    Hi, I am facing problem to find date disc for my Longines Ultronic Tuning Fork watch. It is plastic and has 2 broken teeth. All I can find is date disc for ESA 9182 (H3) on Ebay, it looks same, but maybe somebody can tell if they are similar and will fit my watch? P.S. the seller is not...
  7. Lubricant Questions

    I'm looking to outfit my bench with a set of lubrication products, Cups, Oilers, Lubricants, and I'm looking for some advice on a few questions. First, SyntHP 1300 is obviously on the list, but I see that Sellita recommends the SC version for around date wheels. What I've been able to see, the...
  8. Automatic winding - is this "normal"?

    Hi all, long time lurker, small time contributor. I'd really appreciate your thoughts on the issue below, as I'm not sure what to think! (I think this is the best sub-forum for this issue but if anyone disagrees, please advise...) Last year I bought a used IWC Mark XV, in good visible...
  9. The Time 4A Pint Podcast 41: A Brief Introduction to English Pocket Watches with Seth Kennedy

    Public Forum
    Afternoon WUS! Episode 41 of the Time 4A Pint Podcast is Live. This week I ventured into the world of Antiquarian Horology, and English pocket watches, with knowledgable and incredibly patient watchmaker, Seth Kennedy. Seth brought along a selection of the tools he uses when working on...
  10. Miami Boutique Grand Seiko Watchmaking Event October 28th

    Grand Seiko
    If you are in the Miami area on Saturday October 28th, please join Grand Seiko USA for a special event! The event details are as follows... Miami Seiko Boutique 130 1st Avenue Suite 11 Miami, FL 33137 Date: Saturday, October 28th 2017 Time: 5pm to 8pm Please DM me or call or email the...
  11. SEIKO Boutique NYC Grand Seiko Watchmaking Event October 26th

    Grand Seiko
    If you are in the New York City area on Thursday October 26th, please join Grand Seiko USA for a special event! The event details are as follows... NYC Seiko Boutique 510 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022 Date: Thursday, October 26th 2017 Time: 3pm to 7pm Please DM me or call or email...
  12. Grand Seiko x Red Bar Detroit Event October 25th

    Grand Seiko
    If you're in the Detroit area and want to join Grand Seiko and Red Bar Detroit for an evening of Japanese watchmaking, food and drinks, please join us! A watchmaker from our Shiojiri Shinshu Takumi Studio will be in attendance, demonstrating the assembly and disassembly of a 9R Spring Drive...
  13. watchmaking video courses?

    Can you recommend video tutorial on watchmaking? I am looking for complete video course from beginner to intermediate...
  14. My quest for knowledge

    Public Forum
    Hi all, I had this empty notebook lying around and I wanted to do something with it so I decided to start using it to document my progress on learning how watches work. So far I just have some sketches of basic components and descriptions in my own words, but I am hoping to acquire some...
  15. Grand Seiko Craftsman Event Miami - Highlights featuring Historical Divers and Credor Masterpieces

    Grand Seiko
    The following pictures are from a Grand Seiko Craftsman event we hosted on January 28th. Our special guest for the evening was Ms. Yukie Miyosawa, a Grand Seiko craftswoman from our Seiko Epson plant's Shinshu Takumi Studio in Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture, Japan (aka Suwa region) that...
  16. Zenith El Primero Movement Photo

    Photo courtesy of Geneva Watch Repair - Zenith Watch Repair Services
  17. Sherline Watchmaking Purchase Decision - Looking for advice

    Good day all and a Happy New Year, I recently posted an update on my ongoing "wooden horology" project depicting the machining capabilities I have presently achieved. The highlight was in the production of a pocket watch scale balance staff out of boxwood in "one chucking" using an old, Light...
  18. Raketa Perpetual Calendar Crystal Replacement

    Russian watches
    I need to replace the crystal on my Raketa perpetual calendar. The high dome crystal I'm replacing obscured the outer part of the dial, making it difficult to read the calendar markings. Does anyone know what size and type of crystal I should order from the watch supply house? The crystal I'm...
  19. I need ID of some watchnaking tools

    Hi everybody, I rarely come to this sub-forum. I usually hang out at f11. :) For some time now I would like to buy some more serious watchmaking tools. Last year I got some nice watchmaking screwdrivers, now I stumbled upon a local ad. I can see a staking set but I can't identify the...
  20. Making Screws with the Watchmakers Lathe

    Hi, I thought I would share my experience in making small handmade screws. The screw is made from water hardening silver steel (drill rod) has a M1.0 thread, Ø2mm head and a total length 3mm. I struggled capturing the blueing process this time as my head would get in the way of the camera...