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  1. Public Forum
    ... overtime I had the pleasure to experience a few variations from the wonderful Icon8 line by Clerc : these two just couldn't let myself to part with ... ... in a way I always wondered why they have not continued this line , on the other hand this is such a beautiful execution that is...
  2. Dive watches
    A diver proposition by the Designer/Architect from Italy
  3. Dive watches
    Swiss Made Heroic18 Finished flawless , for the ones that don't necessarily need the Big Name ( though have to warn you : this piece will make much more expensive counterparts - hmmm , hard to justify )
  4. Dive watches
    An interesting / "sporty" take for a diver , by the Italian maker ... the blue pvd job is a great one
  5. Dive watches
    The well known high end Fountain Pen Maker tries their hand at watches . They make nice pieces , no doubt , ... now the retail prices - well you be the judge ... find one at a deep discount and it's a winner !
  6. Affordable watches
    ... a nice homage for the one in the market for an affordable / entry level "JulesVerne look" ... |>
  7. Images
    Snapshots of Vintage VDB watches VDB 2011 , 2012 , 2013
  8. Dive watches
    great weekend everybody ! VDB 2016 black pvd wrist-shot ...
1-8 of 8 Results