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water resist

  1. Leak check

    Affordable watches
    I just had my watch checked for its water resistance. I got a receipt from the Leak checker, but no one at the store can explain to me what it means. How much water resist my watch has etc. Therefore I’m reaching out to the community to see if anyone can explain what this reading means.
  2. FS:Camber Chrono..

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    watch was delivered end of are the specs Quick set date,20mm lug width,42mm case,13mm thick,domed mineral crystal,50m water resist,movement quartz calibre PE903,Watch will be delivered in display case and will include the following..3 NATO Straps,one is leather which is currently on...
  3. Toughness

    Casio G-Shock
    I just got a new g shock dw9052-1V digital watch and in the manual it says avoid using near chemicals, soap, detergent or anything like that otherwise the water resistance will decrease. Does that include chlorine from a pool? Also is the decrease actually noticeable or is it safe to wear in the...
  4. Bambino "Water Resist"

    For my price range, the Orient Bambino is a perfect entry level automatic movement watch. I like its elegance, simplicity, and style- it's just amazing and a great bargain...EXCEPT for that stupid cursive "water resist" marker right on the face. Are all of them like this!?! It seems like on the...
  5. FORTIS NEWBIE ASKS: What are the differences among the various B-42s? Push-Button bracelet?

    I just bought a beautiful Fortis B-42 with blue bezel and (slightly off-) white face. I have some questions. Does anyone know why certain B-42s are rated at 20 ATMs and others at 20 BAR? Is there any actual performance difference? Aside from the hands (mine are skeleton and most seem to be...
  6. Check your Moscow Classic Amfibia/Vodolaz

    Russian watches
    I thought this might be helpful for those of you who want to check whether your MC Amfibia is ready for swimming. I have selected this one 3602/00411014, but all 58 mm case MC diver watches are similar. First of all you have to unscrew the large ring which holds the grating (or a...
  7. Is a DW-6900 with three screws still water resistant?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi, guys! Got one of these yellow DW-9600's last week from It's my first Japan made G-shock and it was very cheap and it's gorgeous. (By the way, thanks for the article, Sjors!). However, when I changed the...