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  1. SEIKO SRPD67 DIVER with a milanese bracelet *NEW with WARRANTY*

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sell is my new never used SEIKO SRPD67 automatic diver's watch with a milanese bracelet. Full set with boxes and papers and warranty still valid for 1.5 years. Watch is located in Europe. International shipping is available. price $270
  2. FS: Pre-Owned Armin Strom Manual Water - 100% Complete!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Description Don't let this one get away! As Authorized Dealers for Omega, Tudor, Grand Seiko, Nomos, IWC, Blancpain, and many more we strive to offer the finest quality timepieces with the best service in the business. Please call us at 214-494-4241 or email us at [email protected]
  3. FS: Bell & Ross Hydromax 11100m Dive Watch Black Dial.

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Rare Bell & Ross Hydromax Professional 11,100m dive watch- black dial. Comes on BR metal bracelet. Very rare watch to find. No box or papers. Quartz movement running and keeping time. Water resistant to an insane 11,100m. Service history unknown. Lume is dead. Minor scratches on metal...
  4. Is it odd for the crown to continuously spin and not "lock" into place?

    regarding my recent acquisition of a SARY057, i finally sized it and set the time. however, i found it strange (concerning?) that the crown doesn't appear to lock into place. it continuously spins, albeit with a bit of a zipper-like sound and feel. thoughts? thanks.
  5. Taking the Omega Seamaster into Blue Lagoon

    Hello Folks, I recently purchased an Omega Seamaster Professional Ceramic 300m automatic diver (blue version). In a couple of weeks, I will be visiting Iceland and Blue Lagoon is in my itinerary. As the watch is blue, I really want to take some good pics at the Blue Lagoon. The advertised...
  6. Hublot Big Bang Depeche Mode “The Singles” Limited Edition

    Electronic British band Depeche Mode have sold over 100 million records worldwide and have played to more than 30 million fans since their formation in Essex in 1980. And, in their 37-year career, Depeche Mode have released 55 singles, from “Dreaming of Me” in 1981 to last year’s release of...
  7. longines alligator strap lifespan

    Straps & Bracelets
    I got a Longines watch about a year ago, it came with an alligator brown strap. After about a year i have to say it shows signs of wear and i'm wondering if it's normal to look like this after less than 12 months. I wanted to get a new one, but an original strap goes for 200£ (350$). that's a...
  8. NOMOS Ahoi Datum - Water Damage - $2500

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I bought this NOMOS Ahoi Datum second-hand, although it originally comes from Watchbuys, an authorized dealer for NOMOS watches. It is in great condition - minimal signs of wear (it is only a year and bit old). I've been debating selling it for a while, since I've been somewhat strapped for...
  9. Water entered watch face. Disappointed.

    Bought my Hamilton Khaki Field in Japan on March 2014, been using it well and feel proud of having it, until I exposed it to swimming pool of less than 1.5m on September 2014, water entered for the first time. Quite serious I would say, and after a little emailing back and forth with Hamilton...
  10. Advice on Waterproofing My 1950 Omega Seamaster

    Public Forum
    Hello All, I purchased a 1950 Omega Seamaster (Bumper) Automatic, reference # CK 2576, about six months ago from eBay. I immediately took it to my local watch guy, and he did a terrific job of restoring the movement. While the watch worked when I got it, the movement had a lot of visible rust...
  11. Advice Needed - Hamilton With Moisture Under Cystal

    I purchased a Hamilton Khaki (H71516137) from Ashford in November. In April, I exposed the watch to water for the first time, doing the dishes after Easter dinner. A couple hours later I noticed water under the crystal and attempted to contact Ashford, but they were closed for the holiday as...
  12. Reverso Case Problem...possible service costs?

    Hi all! I bought a pre-owned JLC Reverso Classique around 6 months ago, and today while cleaning it I noticed that the case was a little loose and was opening a little bit right at the side seam – perhaps just 2-3 mm. I handed her over to my local AD, who said they will need the week to...
  13. A Watch for fishing but is:classy/mechanical/small enough?

    Public Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a watch for my friend, which it may also end up being for me as well. Since we both are avid fishermen, we are looking for a watch that may withstand the tests of the ocean. I have small wrists (6inches..), but both of us are looking for a more classy look...
  14. Splash and Flash with Planet Ocean

    I thought I'd have a bit of fun today with an old aquarium and my PO... about a 'Product' shot :-)
  15. Watch servicing questions - normal and water leak

    Public Forum
    My wife's Michele watch got water inside, we're not sure how, probably from washing her hands. It had fog inside and stopped working. So she took it to the repair store in mall and they said it needs to be dried and serviced. It's a quartz watch, about 5 years old maybe a little more we're...
  16. Today, my Seiko Kinetic ska523' rotor noise got louder.

    Today, my Seiko Kinetic ska523' rotor noise got significantly louder. (It's only a week old T_T) Before the noise was not noticeably present: I could not really hear the rotor unless I bring the watch close to my ear. Only cause I can suspect is the fact that I washed my hand on the sink and the...
  17. Vintage Vostok Amphibia takes water

    Dive watches
    I bought a used Vostok Amphibia, made in USSR most probably in the 1980's, white dial, case back serial numer 720474. It runs pretty accurate for its age -15s in 24 hours. I took it to the pool and after the first jump I noticed drops of water under the acrylic dome. Took it to a watchmaker who...
  18. An exclusive club: ARMIN Strom Tourbillon Water

    High-end watches
    Biel-based ARMIN Strom went on a tour with a tourbillon watch - or four of them to be exact - last October, but now the Tourbillon Water reaches the market with just 50 pieces available for an extremely limited edition watch. The Manufacture joins the highly exclusive club of horologers that...
  19. Armin Strom Manufacture joins the highly exclusive club of horologers: Armin Tourbillon Water

    High-end watches
    ARMIN TOURBILLON WATER The Manufacture joins the highly exclusive club of horologers that develop and produce their own tourbillon movements. The tourbillon of the new ATC11 calibre is distinguished by a lever worked in 18ct white gold and an assembly that places the balance wheel and seconds...
  20. Water resistance experiences post battery changes...

    Casio G-Shock
    A thought before looking into ordering a Muddy... I'm ok with changing batteries in watches as long as I know I will not compromise the performance of the watch. I have several mechanical and ana-digis left in my collection but I am now down 1 G-Shock. I have my Dad my GW-300 as I was tired...