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  1. CWC G10 weight?

    Pilots' & Military watches
    Maybe unimportant to many but I’m curious in how heavy the CWC G10 is? Interested in both the standard and GS Sapphire versions. I’ve been searching, but haven’t been able to find any weight spec. I really like the specs of the Sapphire version and don’t think you can go a lot better for the...
  2. Weight of Speedmasters?

    Here's a question for the Speedy experts. Having weighted several Speedy models, there's something that puzzles me. Here's some data: Speedy Tuesday 75gr, Pulsometer 85gr, Silver Snoopy 105gr, Racing 155gr. Now the latter I understand since it comes on a metal bracelet. Also the Snoopy has a...
  3. Seiko 7002-700A with a bad weight?

    Hello all, First post here. I got a nice 7002-700a diver and I love it. That said it is not winding well. After opening the back I noted a lot of "wiggle" with the oscillating weight and when I unscrewed it, I noted scraping/scratches on the underside, indicating some rubbing on the...
  4. The relationship between watch straps and watch case weight

    Straps & Bracelets
    When I first started my watch collection, I thought I can use any watch strap with any watch. I soon realized that there is a limitation. I wore a NATO strap with a heavy weight watch. I realized that with a heavy watch combined with a thin strap makes the watch seemed off-balanced on my wrist...
  5. Where I can get information about Seiko watches' weight?

    Well... I know that both Seiko and Citizen pretty much realize their watches' specification including weight only through their Japanese websites. I did not have any problems with Citizen because it pretty much sells same models around the world, but Seiko sells different models in Japan from...
  6. The "weighting" game

    Public Forum
    My wife got a digital scale for some hobby stuff she's doing. But being the WIS that I am, I absconded with her new scale so I could learn a bit more about my babies. The wrist bruiser award goes to my Anonimo Professionale Chrono. It's a chunk, but with he bracelet snugged properly, its...
  7. Stowa MO Vs Stowa MA - Thickness/Weight

    Jörg Schauer & STOWA
    I want a Stowa....badly. I've narrowed my choice down to the MO and the MA (no date). Main motivation apart from their simplistic beauty is to have a clean-cut, quality, every day watch which is lighter and THINNER than my Breitling 50th anniversary Navi. The Breitling is beautiful...
  8. Tutorial: How to put watches on a double winder.

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    I recently saw on some website, that I can't seem to remember, a nice way to arrange your watches. The explanation wasn't as explicit though as what you will get in this post. First, a picture: What you see is a double winder pod. These are fairly common because they allow two watches to be...
  9. Mass

    Ball Forum
    I'm rather surprised that Ball doesn't list the mass of their watches on their website. Anyone know if there is a list somewhere of how massive each one is?
  10. Seiko SNK809 dimensions

    Hi all. I'm consider buying Seiko SNK809. I couldn't find it on the local stores. Thus, I decide to buy online. Throughout my searches on the net, I am confused about the dimensions and weight of the watch. Can anyone give the exact dimensions (especially thickness) and the weight (w/wo strap)?