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  1. Seamaster Pt. 2 (March is a good month)

    I received my PO 2200.51 two weeks ago. Today, after learning that my wife's 11 year old TAG bracelet would probably cost more to fix or replace than the watch is worth, we purchase an Aqua Terra Ref #2577.50.00. The local AD was pretty competitive on price offering a 25% discount. I would...
  2. Need Strap - Ref. WG1410-0

    TAG Heuer
    I purchased a S/EL REf. 1410-0 for my wife as an engagement present in 1998. She lost her extra links and would like one added, so we took it to an AD. When we pointed out that a couple of links were loose, they said that the pins eventually give out and that they pins can only be replaced...