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  1. Orient Bambino Date Wheel Replacement

    I had to make my bambino's date wheel fixed and to to do that I gave my watch to a official orient dealer in my city. After 1 week I got the watch back but there is something different now. The date wheel is metallic colored instead of white. Personally I find it a little disturbing. The...
  2. Getting date wheels to line up with the dial's date window?

    What kind of options do you have if you're installing a different type of movement into a watch, and the date wheel doesn't align with the dial's date window? Can a custom date wheel potentially solve this?
  3. Can a movement be converted to a freesprung balance?

    If I took 1 movement with a standard pin/screw regulator system, and another movement with a freesprung balance wheel, would it be possible to switch them around? Let's assume the balance wheels were a similar size. I would be very interested in experimenting with a freesprung balance conversion...
  4. Big Date - how it works (and what's the Big Deal)

    Public Forum
    I searched on Google, I searched on WUS, and I searched WUS with Google (which usually brings results) - and I still don't know how big date works on watches. Obviously, it's a different system than the date wheel, but since I know next to nothing about how watch mechanisms function, I can't...
  5. Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date

    Affordable watches
    Is there any affordable (remotely similar) watches to the Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date sub ~$1000? I know that nothing that I find or see will be good enough as the "real thing" however the design elements I love, and I would just like to see what is available that is kind of the same...
  6. Girard-Perregaux 1966 integrated Column-wheel chronograph

    The Maison’s new caliber Girard-Perregaux is presenting a new manufacture movement to join its 3000 family: the caliber GP0 3800-001, a hand-wound column-wheel chronograph. For its first appearance, this new development is housed in the elegant case of the Girard-Perregaux 1966 collection. A...
  7. How a Watch Works

    Links & Articles
    There are a lot of very good videos on YouTube explaining how a watch works. Here are some for your convenience:
  8. How a Mechanical Watch works

    Basically 5 elements are needed. It's this simple:
  9. Are date wheels ever interchangeable between movements?

    I'm looking for a new date wheel for an uncommon Seiko movement, and I was just wondering if they're ever interchangeable between movements.
  10. $250 for Rado repair?

    Public Forum
    I recently got a watch from a friend to feed my new-found obsession with watches. It was a Rado Conway that I got for a steal since it was not running, so I thought it just had to be serviced. I went to the repair shop and apparently the balance wheel is broken and it will take $250 to fix it...
  11. Parts for Womens Gruen Curvex model 350 (649946)

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I am mid-way through a complete overhaul on this beautiful curvex and find 4 teeth missing from the minute wheel. Does anyone have a good source for vintage Gruen watch parts? This particular model doesn't produce great Google search results in general. I have another one - model #520...
  12. Balance wheel Issues OME Cosmic Cal 1012

    Hello, this is my first post in WUS, so greetings to all of you!! Well, before i start with my concern, I just want to make clear that i'm not a professional watchmaker:-s, but im learning and is pretty fun for me, but theres moment like this one that kills me, and those are the problems with...
  13. What are some watches with a free sprung balance?

    Public Forum
    Does anyone know any fairly inexpensive watches (less than $500), vintage or otherwise, that have a free sprung balance? Thanks!!
  14. 2824-2 Date Wheel Problem

    Hi, I'm only a couple of months into this watch-building thing and have had a few issues along the way while building a custom watch with a 2824-2 movement. The movement itself was in very good condition when I bought it and I was happily removing and replacing the dial while I experimented...
  15. Screwed balance wheel for 6497/8

    Does anyone know if there are screwed balance wheels available for an ETA Unitas 6497 or 6498? I am starting a project and really prefer the look. I checked Borel and Frei and did not see them, any other thoughts? Thanks, Josh