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  1. SBGA211 Date Issue?

    Grand Seiko
    Really loving my GS Snowflake...first "real watch" I have the honor to wear every other day. Everything's perfect, except... Whenever the date changes (at 12AM), the number does not line up properly with the date window. It's always a tad bit too short. It'll be like this until I unwind the...
  2. Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    Public Forum
    It's a small detail that often gets overlooked, but I feel is quite important to the look of the dial. If a date window is too small, or isn't beveled to be flush with the date wheel, I think it cheapens the look of a watch. A nice big date window that's beveled to be flush with the date window...
  3. Looking for an affordable watch with day window (in full letters) !

    Affordable watches
    Hello :-) First of all, excuse my poor english. Looking at WRUW daily, I noticed this Rawlings submariner watch with days in full letters... I really liked it and started looking for it but couldn't find it anywhere online so I decided to post on here... So, do you WIS know where I could...
  4. Orient WZ0371NR

    I got my girlfriend an Orient WZ0371NR for her birthday about a month ago, and am now finally getting around to posting the pictures she sent me. :-) She wanted a mechanical watch with a movement window on the caseback. I thought about getting one of the ladies' Seiko 5 models, drilling out the...