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  1. Have you ever met a "Watch Guy" who was most certainly not a "Watch Guy"?

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    Hello! I was recently making chit chat at a holiday party, when I noticed someone wearing a Tissot. Casually enough, I said, "I've checked out a couple Tissots, but I've never owned one. How do you like yours?" Without hesitation, he offered back, "Ah, so you're a 'Watch Guy' too, eh? I love...
  2. You might not be a WIS if...

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    My favorite long-running thread on WUS is "you might be a wis." I thought it might be fun to ask the opposite: You might not be a WIS if... You buy a watch winder for your quartz watch. You travel to Switzerland to climb mountains and eat chocolate. You have $50,000 to spend and blow it on...
  3. Are you a watch aficionado?

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    In terms of watch knowledge, how would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 - 5? Wow I totally forgot, 1 - 5, 5 max aficionado, and 1 being a newbie.
  4. FS: Seiko Marine Master MM300 SBDX001

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    FS: Seiko Marine Master MM300 SBDX001 Does this watch really need much of an introduction? I s’pose I’d better, just in case you’ve been living in a cave… and not the spelunking type! This is Seiko’s answer to the Swiss manufacturer’s dive watches. The Rolex Submariner, the Omega Planet Ocean...
  5. I need some WIS help!

    Affordable watches
    SO.... I've loved this watch for a long time now. The Emporio Armani AR2448, but I'm having trouble believing it's worth the price. I don't know if it will match the quality of my Seikos for almost the same price. Emporio Armani Men's AR2448 Classic Blue Dial Chronograph Watch...
  6. A Brief History of Mollari 2261 - from being a N00b to having a Strategy

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    My first post revealed my starting collection, including some of the wrong turns taken between then and now. That, and the support of WUS, helped hone my tastes and enabled me to make wiser watch purchases. But all along I was missing a strategy, beyond "looks nice, cool movement, and I can...
  7. Funny Comments or Questions from your GF/wife/SO About Watches

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    A place for us to post our comical interactions with the ladies or significant others in our life about our watches. Last night my girlfriend was complimenting my SKX007 that I had just put on a Super Oyster II from StrapCode (awesome bracelet!). She asked if she could turn the dive bezel to...
  8. So. Cal. Dive Watch Get Together: 2/23 @ 1pm!

    Dive watches
    Update!! We will be having a South Coast Plaza Dive Watch Get-Together this month on Saturday the 23rd @ 1pm. We will meet @ Zcafe aka Zpizza on the third floor of Crystal Court. This will be a casual G2G where we can all share our hobby. There are plenty of watch stores at South Coast Plaza if...
  9. How WIS are you?

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    Just a fun poll. :) spent on watches/yearly income after taxes = % spent on watches oh dont know how to edit the poll but it should be >5% <10% If I spend more my g/f would kill me!
  10. WIS vs. WUS... what's the difference?

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    Hi WatchUSeek members, I feel a bit silly asking this, but I am a bit confused whether it is WIS or WUS (or both?) when referring to WatchUSeek. I am under the impression that WUS is the acronym for the site, but I see that people also say WIS. Or, does WIS mean something else altogether? I...
  11. Breitling reputation: WIS vs. Non-WIS

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    What is Breitling's reputation in WIS circles and what is the reputation in Non-WIS circles? I am NOT talking about whether they are worth the asking price, so let's not get into that. I'm talking about two things. First the initial question of what is their reputation, what do people say...
  12. John Mayer, WIS.

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    From my hometown paper:
  13. How Many Friends Have You Converted to WISdom?

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    This past Christmas, one of my friends who I have been talking shop with got a pristine, white dialed Tissot PRC-200. At first I thought that he had gotten the black dial version, but he actually got the same one I had when I first showed him my watch. I suppose imitation is the most sincere...
  14. you might be a wis

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    If your telling your wife about SWATCH's plan to stop selling ETA movements outside of the group, and she turns up the volume on the TV. Thank Heaven for the forum
  15. OT: Lets see some puppies.

    Casio G-Shock
    Here is one of mine. My Sheltie. I also have a Schnoodle and a Sheltie/Toy Fox mix.
  16. Do People Think You're Weird Because You Collect Electronic Watches?...

    Casio G-Shock
    ...or do they KNOW you're weird? They know I am. Mechanical watch collectors are less strange than us.
  17. The Book Thread! Way way off topic!

    Casio G-Shock
    Well we've had films, food and bunnies, so now the book thread! 1. What is your favourite book 2. What are you reading now? I'm more of a film buff but enjoy a book also, I'm sure their will be some interesting choices My fave would be 'IT' by Stephen King ( Very highbrow I know!)...
  18. The non G thread!

    Casio G-Shock
    Ok, lets see some of your favourite non G-Shocks! Every few days there are some great variety shots in the hump day/Friday threads so it would be nice to see them all in one place! It also gives me some great ideas for future purchases as I see watches I've never heard of before like some of...
  19. Share Your Desktop

    Casio G-Shock
    Alright, lets share our desktop here :-!
  20. Favorite Sports Teams

    Casio G-Shock
    Hey guys, Curious who's into sports, and who are your favorite sports teams? :-! Mine Are: Jets Football Mets Baseball Devils Hockey Knicks Basketball College Football Im divided between Army and Rutgers ither than that not really into College sports