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  1. Start Up Watch Companies - Crowdfunding
    [CAMPAIGN IS NOW AVAILABLE ON KICKSTARTER] *Special thanks to Brand and the rest of the WUS Admins for allowing me to post in this section! |> Hello all, My name is Michael Hsu and I want to share with you my watch project that I started back in 2015. As a passionate watch collector myself...
  2. Affordable watches
    Hi there I'm new to collecting watches, unfortunately my budget is limited to the more affordable end of the market. I mostly buy fashion watches. All my watches are quartz, and I really want to add an automatic watch to my collection. I have just come across this wooden watch on Kickstarter in...
  3. Public Forum
    Is this a thing of beauty or just a gimmick??
  4. Fashion & Designers watches
    Hi All! I just found this amazing forum today! :) I want to share with you my last buying experience... I purchased the most amazing watches I ever bought in last 25 years! a WOODEE WATCH! They are all wooden made in hard wood. The company is Canadian and surely one of the best customer service...
  5. Russian watches
    There is one on ebay that is north of $200 with 5 days left. No papers or anything but it looks to be in spectacular condition. Its a beautiful watch but out of my grasp. I think it shot up faster than a mint Okean.
1-5 of 6 Results