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  1. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Please can someone point to a place to post my 80 year old aunt's heirloom for sale? Here are the details and a few photos: 1921 Patek Phillippe Antique Gold Pocket Watch in excellent condition 1921 Patek Phillippe Antique Gold Pocket 18K, 18 jewels, working mint condition Bearing number...
  2. Russian watches
    Just purchased and recieved an old 50's russian POBEDA and it was working like a charm, serviced and was ticking on nicely. Today while doing some cleaning i was shaking some sheets and blankets, while wearing the watch, and after that it's been dead.. You would think that it should survive...
  3. Omega
    Hi there guys,my first topic got deleted,so i wont state everything in this one. My dad gave me a watch to,get rid off its an Omega Seamaster De Ville,im just wondering in the condition that its in,I'm just wondering how much i should sell it for?,i've been offered a sum of money a couple of...
1-3 of 4 Results