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  1. Watchmaking
    Hi guys, I recently had the pleasure of visiting Vianney Halter in his watchmaking world. I brought my camera along, and upload a part of the footage I caught. Vianney goes in depth about a co-ordinate measuring machine - SIP MU-214B that he converted into a crazy CNC mill for prototyping...
  2. Cartier
    In the intimacy of Cartier's Tradition workshops From our Special Reporter In Geneva, Cartier's flagship has been reopen beginning of November after several months. The flagship store is now the biggest in Europe. Enter the secret room behind the wall But who would have imagined that in...
  3. Watchmaking
    Hello members of the Watchuseek forum, Let me just take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Marek and I am a manager of a rapidly expanding repair centre based in West London, UK. We currently are the official warranty service centre for nine Swiss brands, and are planning on expanding to...
  4. Image Gallery
    My grandfather has been a watch and clock maker since end of WWII. He closed his shop just over 10 years ago, but keeps a little workshop at his house where he still does repairs now. Here's a picture of his workbench... just for kicks
1-4 of 4 Results