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  1. Public Forum
    Hey everyone. I've had this watch for ages, but never actually used it, and now I thought I might sell it. But when I tried searching for this brand and watch I can't seem to find any other watch like this at all. So I'm reaching out to you guys, does anyone of you here know this brand, what...
  2. Public Forum
    The new green swatch that Hodinkee has out looks pretty cool, but the materials aren't the best and the movement I heard is sometimes subpar. It is worth the 170$ price point? What are y'all's thoughts?
  3. Public Forum
    Hello everybody, I have recently moved to a new house where I found this watch. We don't know who the previous owners are but I would like to know more about this watch. Can somebody tell me anything about it? thank you very much for your help
  4. Hublot
    Hi, i would like to find out if this is a fake or not. Possibly the worth of it. Thanks
  5. Casio G-Shock
    Hello guys! Do you guys think this specific model is worth buying? MCW-100H-1AVEF - CASIO Collection - Watch - Products - CASIO It looks grand, it is cheap (55€), it has chronograph and it is a Casio. Also, do you think it fits nice on a small wrist? I know it is not a G-shock, but still...
  6. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, im new at this forum as well in collecting pocket watches. Someone has asked me to find their watch and verify it's price, but has sent me blurry images and i can't read the name. However i did find the german marking and the 0,3?? markings quite readable. Also there are inscriptions on the...
  7. Public Forum
    Hey guys. I'm into watches lately and I've seen lot of them but never had and wore a good one (particularly it's my first one). I really like Breitling Superocean Chronograph m2000 for it's design and quality. I'm 17 and like Breitling,AP,Hublot style watches. Any suggestions (around 7000) and...
  8. Omega
    Hello everyone. Does anyone know the model of this Omega Seamaster, and possibly how old it is and its worth? Thanks in advance, Jonas
  9. Jörg Schauer & STOWA
    I have a few questions about the flieger without logo. 1. I wonder how the movement looks like with and without the COSC. (especially the rotor) 2. I know that ETA has different kinds of grading on movements, what is the grading on the "normal" 2824-2 and a COSC 2824-2? 3...
  10. Longines
    I've been wearing this watch for a few years now and all I know about it is that when I asked if it was worth replacing the battery at the watch shop the guy said YES! lol. So I'm pretty clueless I just like the watch. So I'm looking for info like when it was made, are the diamonds on the face...
  11. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I recently met a new friend who happen to have some vintage watches and he wanted to find out how much they are worth. Among them is a Waltham 17J Shockprotected, three pocket watches(not very good condition) that says Speedway, New York Standard Watch Co., and K.W. N.Y. Co. But what I am...
1-11 of 12 Results