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  1. Russian watches
    Wanted to share some pics of my Wostoc. The dial colours faded, but they are still beautiful. Hope you will like them. Enjoy:
  2. Russian watches
    Hi. I want to buy an Amphibian but i can't decide which to buy.o| I stopped on the two collors of the dials: blue and orange . I will wear it on brown leather strap (some panerai -like). Listen all your pro and contras. And if it possible show your pics. Thanks alot.
  3. Russian watches
    Wostok vintage watches. Before and After restoration. p.s. they were bought on the flea market, in St. Petersburg their price was... 2$ !!! as far as I understood this watches are Vostok - 1972 ( in veeerry good...
  4. Russian watches
    Hello folks! I'm new to Russian watches...but they do fascinate me; I have 3 Boctok (Wostok, Vostok) Amphibias coming on delivery right now. 2 are from the 1980s, one from the 90s (or later)--ALL very reasonably priced, IMHO for 200m automatic divers. I'm most interested in the Soviet-era...
21-24 of 25 Results