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  1. Image Gallery
    A helpful link below 👇🏻
  2. Public Forum
    And I'm now convinced she's a keeper. This is in Sequoia National Park btw. It's not White Sands, which is the namesake of the watch, but I still think it was pretty cool.
  3. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    WUS, I bought this the second it was available. I love panda and reverse-panda chronographs. I've enjoyed it immensely, and it's my most-complimented watch (even amongst Omega's, Rolex's, Tudor's). Full Kit, papers. I've decided to sell my watches and invest, and come back around into...
  4. Affordable watches
    I am considering this as a Feb birthday present and would love to see some actual wrist shots and owner comments, Thanks.
  5. Public Forum
    Hi, I was thinking about picking up a Seiko Sarb for an everyday watch and was wondering whether anyone uses theirs in a casual environment? It's often called a dress watch but it has many features of a watch that I would like day-to-day. I want to know if it is too formal a watch to wear with a...
  6. Orient
    I really like this watch but it's 47mm and, frankly, I'd be shocked if it didn't look goofy on my 7" wrists, which is why I've held off buying it. Can anybody who owns this watch and has wrists roughly the size of mine post a wrist shot or at least give your opinion on how well it wears? I...
  7. Public Forum
    show us your wrist shots and favorite paintings or prints. mine: blancpain le brassus 8 jours (plt) and van gogh's cafe terrace at night. i'm so in love with van gogh's painting "cafe terrace at night". one of the most lovely paintings ever and my favorite among favorites. the warmth of the...
  8. Seiko
    I sold my Black Monster so my wife bought me an Orange Monster. o| Here is a wrist shot... You gotta love a woman with a sense of humor. ;-)
  9. Seiko
    After years of searching for a watch -- something special for myself that would be my weekday work watch, one I could dress up or down, I finally bought a Grand Seiko Limited Edition GMT SBGM031 in March (got a great deal from Higuchi, esp given that Yen was at a real low then), along with a...
  10. Tissot
    Hello all, I am considering a Tissot T-race as my next watch, however there are so many colour varients and styles its become difficult to decide which I like best. So I thought I would ask all the lovely people in this forum to post wrist shots of their model as from personal experience...
  11. Reviews
    For some time I was planning to extend my small collection of watches. I already own two classic 'dress' watches, and I felt it was time to go a bit bolder this summer. Italophile that I am, I was intrigued by a new line of the Locman firm, located on the island of Elba. This spring, Locman...
  12. Casio G-Shock
    I am at the edge of the precipice ready to click on the buy button but the size has me slightly questioning. I wear a 48mm (without crown) watch with no problem but I've always thought that anything over that might be iffy. My wrist is 7.25in in circumference. Thoughts from the community about...
  13. Breitling
    the new superocean II came in to my nearest breitling dealer last week (westime on pico, L.A.) and while it's not the one i WANTED, i got to try it on. it's perfect. it's admittedly rolex-esque with its simplicity and legibility, but it has a modern edge - can't wait for the yellow one. and...
  14. Breitling
    (Probably the only wrist shot where no one will complain about the hairiness of my wrists...) For the little story, he is a very zealous Breitling/photography fanatic... he tried to munch the watch just a couple of seconds later! :rodekaart Cheers guys. ;-) Don
1-14 of 14 Results