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  1. Public Forum
    Hi, I need help, I want to buy the Tissot gentleman powermatic 80 silicium with 40mm diameter and i really don’t know if it would fit me correctly, I have a 6,7 in wrist size (17 cm), do you think it will be fine on my wrist?
  2. Public Forum
    Hello Mates, Today, with nothing else to do i decided to measure my Wrists and found what i already new, my right wrist is bigger than my left... But even thought, i never new there was that much difference: Left wrist: 6.7" in (17,1cm) Right wrist: 7.2"in (18,5cm) So now i thought to...
  3. Public Forum
    Hi all, I recently received this Favor watch form my mother. It originally belonged to her father. I like it very much because there is a lot of family history in it, but could not find any info on this model in the internet. I have noticed that all the FAVOR watches have a very different logo...
  4. Dive watches
    Please post all pictures of your dive watches on a Sailcloth Strap! Extra likes if you can name the brand. looking to get one for my Seamaster 300 and would love to see all of your photos and thoughts on the strap.
  5. Public Forum
    Hello everyone, Usually when i use a watch, it won't sit right on my wrist, it tends to go up/left the wrist. (Yes, gravity plays its rule) This is just a silly question, Does this happens to you too?? Expectation: Reality:
  6. Public Forum
    [200+ names] - last updated: a few days ago - I always found it useful to know the wrist size of a YouTuber or journalist when watching a review or reading an article, especially if it's a watch I'm interested in, as it gives me a better idea of how a watch might look on my wrist. So, whenever...
  7. Public Forum
    I see more posts asking for watches below the range of what I consider to be too dainty <39mm than I expect, admittedly this is just my opinion on too dainty. This would make more sense to me for someone with particularly small wrists, for female members or for metro/gay male members. I'm...
  8. Public Forum
    In response to the many "Is this too big for my wrist?" posts, I'd like to provide a thoughtful answer here. If you're even thinking about asking that question, then the answer is almost certainly: Yes, it's too big! That any part of your conscious (or unconscious) mind is motivating you...
  9. Seiko
    Hi everyone, I was wondering how a Seiko Tuna wear on my small 6.3 inch wrist, before investing in one. will a tuna be too big ? For reference, I have tried some Panerai 44mm and they wore fine to me. Thanks!
  10. Affordable watches
    As a knuckle-dragging bulk, there are many watches (and clothes) I would love to wear, but cannot (without looking like an imbecile). There are a few guys here, I see who have smaller sized wrists. So I thought, I would turn my fashion problem, into a fashion solution for some? Rectangular...
  11. Public Forum
    Since I started shaving my wrist, I no longer have irritation when wearing my shark mesh stainless steel watch bands. No more rubbing because the band doesn't move around much anymore, sticking more to the skin and staying stationary. Makes wearing stainless steel bands much more comfortable and...
  12. Seiko
    I know when it comes to watch size, it all comes down to personal preference but I'm hoping someone with a similar wrist size can give me feedback. 42 mm watches are just right for me and I haven't found anything I like better than SKX's and Monsters. However, I would like one big watch and cant...
  13. Sinn
    I am a knife and gear nut just starting getting into automatic watches. I have tiny girly 5.7" or 14.5 cm wrists and I have set my mind on getting my first automatic watch. Started saving (and trying to sell some of my knives on various bladeforums). I'm used to taking off my somewhat beat-up...
  14. Seiko
    Hello everybody! I'm interested in Seiko MM300 but I have only one problem: my wrist is enough big (6,7' - 17cm). My everyday watch is an orange Monster and I have to say that is perfect in terms of size. For you is this watch too big for my wrist? Thank's.
  15. Russian watches
    I don't have any other pictures of it. Does anyone know anything about this piece? Fake or real? I have googled and found some images on similar watches but I haven't found a model name yet. The pointers seems to be different.
  16. Public Forum
    Just wanted to get your opinions on how does this look on me? Too small or looks right?
  17. Orient
    Hi fellow WIS, I'm trying to decide on my next diver purchase and have been considering one of the M-Force models available, however I'm not sure it will suit my 7.5" wrist size as the case of the M-Force are quite wide. I tried to look up some images on Google but there does not seem to be a...
  18. Russian watches
    HI guys, I want to pull the trigger within a few days. Shortlisted these two: I am still hesitating because I have a 17cm/6.5in wrist. What would fit better in your view? Also, what is the band width? I guess they should be both 22mm, but it's not specified in the description and I am...
  19. Rolex & Tudor
    Any comments or feedback on the fit of the Tudor Heritage Chrono on a 7 inch wrist? I tried the Black Bay, which seemed to work, but that is a 41 vs the chrono, which is a 42. Thoughts? Pictures? Experiences?
  20. STOWA
    Hi everyone, So the next item on my wishlist is a handwinding white dial in the bauhaus style... Nomos is too expensive for me, so of course the Antea KS is leading ahead of the Max Bill... But I have a concern... a not uncommon one; Will it's 35.5mm look too small on my reasonably large...
1-20 of 52 Results