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  1. Pilots' & Military watches
    Hello to all of you I am from Serbia and i bought this watch And i am interested in its origin and what brand it is, it's sterile dial and movement only couple of numbers on the caseback and that's it. Sry for my bad english
  2. Pilots' & Military watches
    In my search for vintage speedmasters I came across this impressive beobachtungsuhr I think type A with Lange & Sohne movement But as can see the watch has some issues It’s missing two lugs en the hour and seconds hands . My question can I buy the missing hands somewhere ? And if possible is...
  3. Longines
    So I got bought this watch as my 16th birthday present a little over a decade ago. I really love the watch but it has some trouble with keeping time, it runs fast and then often starts running slow (sometimes that balances out but still its not ideal). When i bought the watch with my Dad we were...
  4. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I am on the hunt for a clean-faced Bulova A-11 military watch. Have found a few on eBay but always get outbid. Let me know if you have one available and we can discuss the quality and price you're looking to get!
  5. Pilots' & Military watches
    Hi there. My brother and I are watch collectors and he's looking to add a Dirty Dozen to his collection. He's found this Cyma and although on first inspection it looks genuine, we're keen for anyone out there who could help validate this. Pictures below. Many thanks Mark
  6. Pilots' & Military watches
    Does anyone think this is a real RAF ww2 omega watch . It doesn't have the back markings.
  7. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Bought this omega couple days ago.. I think it is Cal 23.4 SC. Trying to figure out if it is all original. Please confirm if Cal in fact 23.4 SC, also I'm not sure about hands. I think it dates to around 1940's, couldn't get exact year...
  8. Pilots' & Military watches
    I recently acquired a Civitas military style watch. It was advertised as a German WWII watch but I am questioning that due to the absense of "DH" or any affiliated markings. Perhaps, it may be from a different nation's armed forces? It's been an enigma that has pestered me over a month. Thank you.
  9. Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    WW2 REVUE-SPORT (Revue Thommen) Military with Sub-Second Price: $162.00 WE SHIP EXPRESS WORLDWIDE!!! This REVUE-SPORT (Revue Thommen) WW2 Military Watch features full Arabic hour markers, a sub-second function & spade/leaf hands. Its dial has aged but its detailing has remained crisp &...
  10. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    These are original 16mm straps from the 1940s/50s with rare bakelite buckles. These are a fantastic find. Something you probably thought you wouldn't see in this color and style, much less as NOS. Cotton is super soft like jeans, not rough like the Guss bands can be. These straps have never been...
1-10 of 10 Results