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  1. Suunto X10?

    Digital & ABC watches
    A couple of quick questions: Is Suunto making the Suunto X10? I'm going to be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and I'd like to have something that can track my ascent and descent and then later on, I can download this info to my computer and/or Google earth. Will of course make a nice addition on my "I...
  2. FS - X10 Military - SOLD!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Trying to sell so I can get my hands on the new Suunto Ambit - Suunto X10 Military, comes with computer cable, charger and CD - Was $220 Sold for $150 Jump on to the auction and bag yourself a cheap watch! eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d All prices in AUD...
  3. FSOT: Suunto X10 Military and Suunto Core Extreme Silver Edition

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    1. TRADED: Suunto X10 Military Edition, WRIST UNIT ONLY. Asking $225 shipped CONUS, +$25 international. I received this from Suunto as replacement an X9M that needed repair, but instead of repairing it, they sent this refurb X10 Military (serial number begins 99), presumably because they don't...
  4. Brand New Suunto X10mi gps w/pics!

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    The watch is brand new, though I did put it on my wrist once to get a reading an test it all out. Works brilliantly. But there is more to this watch. What happened was that I had a X9mi I got in 2006 that broke on me and I sent it back to Suunto to fix it. What they sent back was this brand new...
  5. Suunto X10mi, new and for sale or trade

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    price reduction 375!!! Greetings, I am lucky, that's all I have to say. I sent my old X9mi in for servicing because while I never wore it, the right center runner button over broke off and the thing never seemed to work right. So I sent it off to get fixed and asked that they look at it. Well...
  6. Suunto X10M problems

    Hi all. I stumbled across this forum when I had the first problem with my X10M and it proved to be full of useful advice. This time I have a couple of questions though. I bought an X10M at the beginning of the year and it was fine for a 3 or 4 months, bezel peeling and other niggles aside. Then...
  7. Suunto X10 - first review after 3 days of use

    bought a X10 last week and had a couple of possibilities to test it this last weekend. the reason why i got the X10 was that I want to track my cycle races, my hiking tours and in winter my ski-tours, as well as prepare some routes on my desktop and have them on the X10. as I am still waiting...
  8. Help me choose X10mi, All Black Core Or Xlander

    What should i buy an X10mi Or All Black Core or Military X-Lander, Please help me choose in terms of durability and features.
  9. Suunto X10 track recording problem

    Hi, Just got my Suunto X10. Trying to record tracks and _sotimes_ it does record them. What I do is: - enter Activities mode - enter Activity menu (ENTER) - set GPSfix to 1 sec or 1 min - set Activity to record (triangle) - it writes "Log file started" and exits back to Activities...