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  1. My Second Catalog Collector Video Up on YouTube!

    Public Forum
    Hi everyone! Today I’m releasing the second episode of The Catalog Collector! This week it’s Armin Strom, an interesting little company I really like. Sorry for the long introduction, the opening talks about how I got the catalog (and extends past a minute). Here is a link to the video...
  2. Launching a new YouTube channel! What to do when you cannot afford the watches you want?

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    Hello, everyone! A few months ago I discovered that many watch companies will send you catalogs of their watches, some very high quality, for free. Since I cannot afford to buy pretty much all of those watches, I at least can have a piece of the company in the form of a catalog. Since then...
  3. Timeline of G-Shock structure materials -- Youtube video!

    Casio G-Shock
    Here's the Youtube link in case it doesn't show up in this post. Our beloved GW-5000 also gets a nod. :) It seems carbon is the way of the future. I'm anticipating a carbon core square b-)
  4. What watch youtube guys/watch mags do you guys follow?

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    Who/What are your recommendations??????? I follow archie luxury and Urban gentry....who else are the top guys....
  5. Interesting mini snapshot of watch hobbyist - from the Atlantic

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    This video makes me really appreciate mechanical watches. And the effort that goes into them. Not that I will stop liking my quartz. But this is really cool.
  6. My little youtube channel about watches

    Public Forum
    Hi, how is everyone? Just started a little youtube channel that started with reviews of guns and now im trying to transfer it to different topic, my big love, watches. I will do reviews, my thoughts and different aspects regarding watches, now you can find reviews of watches like Seiko, Tissot...
  7. Best Watches of Baselworld Day 2: Seiko SPD053, Bulova Curve, Fabergé Visionaire Chronograph Ceramic

    Watchuseek's Michael Weare, Bhanu Chopra and Scott Sitkiewitz talk about their favourite watches of Day 2 at Baselworld 2017 including the Seiko SPD053, Bulova Curve, Fabergé Visionaire Chronograph Ceramic. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel so you don't miss a video from Baselworld 2017
  8. My Watch Channel

    Public Forum
    Hi everybody, I've posted some vids from my little watch channel here before...just putting the word out in general! If you'd like to comment on the channel instead of here, I'd be grateful :-) Cheers! Neill
  9. Awesome Mudmaster video!

    Casio G-Shock
    Check this out guys! Super awesome video. Enjoy! SR
  10. Baselworld 2016: Massive Watchuseek Video Thread

    We're posting all the new videos from the Watchuseek Youtube Channel as we create them during Baselworld 2016, so make sure check this thread regularly throughout the show. And to get the latest up-to-date videos from Basel, please make sure to subscribe HERE.
  11. Watchuseek Basel 2015 coverage on Social Media

    Watchuseek team would like to invite all of you to participate and follow the Baselworld 2015 coverage on various social media. Please ask us your questions, send us your requests, your comment, and share your thoughts. Follow the hashtag throughout the Show: #BaselWorldWUS...
  12. Cartier Shape Your Time

    A journey deep into Cartier time, from the first inventions – today’s grand classics – to the latest concept watches that show tomorrow's watchmaking. Discover more:
  13. Obris Morgan Pradata Video Review

    Hello all, Just wanted to put up my review of the new Pradata. It appears that I'm the first to post a video review unless I'm mistaken. I've had some camera issues recently and this video was recorded on a point-n-shoot so hopefully at least tolerable. Took 12 takes due to camera issues o|. I...
  14. YouTube blowhards like Archie Luxury and Andy Hunter actually help our cause and raise awareness

    Public Forum
    Some of you will put me on your ignore list for saying this :-x but it's true. Loud, foul mouthed blowhards like Archie Luxury and Andy Hunter do actually help us. They raise awareness because... No one cares about what we have on our wrists! 99% of the men and women out there don't give two...
  15. Julien Coudray doesn't need words

    High-end watches
    to describe the beauty of a watch. Or should I say "(Time)Piece of Art"? Enjoy: Visit the Julien Coudray website
  16. Franck Muller presents a very special movement (video)

    High-end watches
    Franck Muller proudly presents their first video of a series of 3 films highlighting the broad craftsmanship of the manufacture. This first video presents a very special movement: The Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar. Hope you'll enjoy watching the video: Visit the Franck Muller website
  17. Burberry - The Watch Brand

    Sometimes it is hard for watch aficionado's to understand and appreciate the watches made by fashion brands. Even if this has been done numerous times, and with great success. Burberry is no exception! And I'm sure we all know the iconic design: And now Burberry launched The Britain in...
  18. A. Lange & Söhne - seeking and finding the Perfect Harmony

    A. Lange & Söhne
    A. Lange & Söhne - Bringing To Life
  19. LOOK! Nixon "Player"

    Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    LIKE Brand NEW nixon rubber player in white, Looking for 90-100 bucks for it. I ship of course. has real diamond at the 6. Watch goes for 175. no scratches or nothing to this watch!. also made a youtube video of it so check it out:
  20. How a Watch Works

    Links & Articles
    There are a lot of very good videos on YouTube explaining how a watch works. Here are some for your convenience: